My 855 was already registered ....

Went to Garmins website to register my GPS and download the 2010 maps, and it says that my serial number was already registered.

I guess that means that Costco sent me either a refurbished or a returned unit. Question: is it worth it contacting Garmin about this, and try to get the update, or should I just return it?

Thanks everybody!


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    You can do either. If you contact Garmin and send them a copy of the receipt they will fix you up. You will be able to register, get the warranty and a map upgrade within 60 days.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Sending the receipt? I think returning the unit and getting a new one sounds easier. They should not send refurbished units to retailers as new. I doubt that it was just a return, as everything in the package was in factory new condition (all cables in sealed bags, etc.), and the nuvi started with the setup screen.

    I am not very happy about this ....

    BTW, I got the serial number from under the battery. It looks like 01101XXX. Is that the correct serial number? I am asking because there are several numbers, and none says "SN" or something like that.
    And when I put in my serial number at it says the following:
    "The following updates are available for your NavTalk Pilot GPS Phone:"

    Weird, isn't it? My 855 is a "NavTalk Pilot GPS Phone"???? :?
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    Make sure you are putting the right number in to register. Its the one right under the bar code. When i went to register a 850 i put the wrong number in and it said it was allready register. I called Garmin and they explained its the number right under the bar code in the battery compartment.
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    Thanks, dc!
    That is a different number. I'll try ....

    UPDATE: Yes, it worked. I got the 4.6 software upgrade as well this way ....
    I assumed that since the website accepted the other number as serial number, that this was the correct number. The should label the correct one as S/N!

    Thanks again, dc!
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    I'd return it if you get the same result when trying the new number. You paid for a NEW unit and obviously you've gotten one that someone has used before.
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    Entering the model number instead of the serial number is a very common problem - I did it myself too! :D
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    Entering the model number instead of the serial number is a very common problem - I did it myself too! :D
    Apparently it's happened at least once wrt the 855, since the OP got a response indicating that the SN (model#) had already been registered! Too bad Garmin's registration process can't distinguish b/t a model # and a serial #!!! :?
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    It appears that the model # of the 855 corresponds to (or can be the same as) the serial number of a NavTalk Pilot GPS Phone. At least that's what the system thought I had.

    It would be easy for them to just label the correct serial number with an S/N in front. Or, when you click "where do I find my serial number", they could include a picture, or the format, or just say it's right under the bar code instead of just saying "behind the battery". I bet they could avoid a lot of customer support calls, or even returned units. I was about to return mine, as it showed as already registered, if it would not have been for this forum.
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    They should do a better job distinguishing the number. Taco is correct. The system also gives an erroneous responses about units already being registered.
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    The "About" screen contains a unique unit ID number. Couldn't they add the serial number to that screen?

    Unless the serial number is not determined yet when the unit ID is entered - I hate having the serial number printed on a sticker. The sticker on mine is peeling off.

    Also, I don't understand why there need to be both a unit ID and a serial number.
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    I hate having the serial number printed on a sticker. The sticker on mine is peeling off.
    The serial number of my 855 is also printed on a tiny sticker on the outside of the Garmin box. This allows access to the S/N without turning off the unit and pulling the battery.

    (only useful if you still have access to the box!)
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    Just so its easyer for new owners of a 855 here is a picture were i circled the number you use to register a nuvi 855. I blurred the number as i dont want my number on the web.
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