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60csx no longer uses SiRF chips



  • You all scared me so much I sold a Glock 22 I seldom shoot to get my buddy's older 60csx.....which I will probably never HAVE to use! :shock:
  • the glock or the 60csx?

    when i play my hikes in basecamp with 60scx the arrow takes of in the direction of the hike. with the 62st the arrow sometimes changes direction and even points the opposite way of the direction of travel. you can download gpxfiles of climbs on 14ers dot com and watch them for yourself. i have a downloadable one under user name classthreeplus using 60csx.
  • zee 97 Points
    I just pulled the ext ant, up on the roof, from my MTK 60Cx, and put it in a south window. This unit goes through spells of not wanting to lock on to a WAAS Sat signal when connected to the roof ant. It went through 1.5 hrs of searching. Usually if I let it lock on to the regular Sats for several minutes, then Enable WAAS, it will grab 51 ok. Not tonight, but I chacked the unit, now in the window, and it has 48.
    The GPS 60 and the Sirf 60Csx like the using the ant on the roof.

    When I got the 62s, and viewed the different format on the User Grid page, I thought oh-boy, that looks like a winner, but it turned out to be worse than the User Grid on the 60 series. Why Garmin has to lock any/every Lat use to the Equator, is beyond me. There were several other things that were buggy that made me return it.
  • the glock or the 60csx?

    Sorry bout that. It is a second 60csx that I traded the Glock for. I now have two 60csx units with that "sacred chip."
  • Well, I can certainly respect that.
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