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downloading speed camera data to H-K 300

maxx907 0 Points
Hi, I have a continuing problem with the download procedures for my Harman- Karden 300: in that I am not convinced that I am doing it correctly. I have followed the given instructions to access the files from the inserted memory stick (SD card) after I have unzipped and put the latest camera file onto it.
(I paid a members subscription to pocketgpsworld about 11 months ago! and have been loading their files ever since)
The reason I am unsure that the updates have been entered is because every time I pass a certain camera in my local area it flags up as 30mph and I know for certain it is a 40 limit and if I were to attempt to report the said camera it shows as 40 mph on the p-gpsworld site) The camera is situated on Southway, Colchester, Essex and faces due west. (Rear view of traffic heading west) I would appreciate some instructions for reloading the databases from scratch if that is possible because if the local info that is given appears to be incorrect then how can I be sure the rest of it is up-to-date? A recent journey through roads around Canterbury in Kent failed to flag up fixed cameras on 2 separate occasions.
I would also like to know if it is possible to update the european/uk mapping?
Thanks in anticipation,anyone out there? cheers, maxx907
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