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Navigon 7200T Factory Refurbished for 159.99 at Amazon.

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I ordered the other day as my TomTom was officially starting to drive me nuts. The cheapest place I could find this gps was on ebay for 179.99 and then just a few days ago amazon posted 7200t refurbished so I went ahead and ordered it right away. Just thought I would post incase a few other people were interested in snatching up a good deal. 159.99 is what I paid for my mio c220 two years ago and is less than what I paid for my TomTom with half the features.


  • That' a pretty good price. I got a refurb-ed 7200T from Tiger Direct four weeks ago for $170. The prices are coming down, and at the same time the supply is dwindling.
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