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enter 3255 Hwy 7 E, Markham, On in 260W

How to enter address "3255 Highway 7 East, Markham, On" in my Nuvi 260W?
After typing "3255" & "Markham, On", I cannot enter "Highway 7 East" to the "Street" in my Nuvi 260W.


  • Tim 1466 Points
    For the street, try entering just "7" and tapping done, or try "hwy-7".
  • wscott52 0 Points
    I couldn't enter it. It takes the road as "Hwy-7 E" but it won't take the house number 3255. It's on the map. I found it on Google maps and downloaded it to my Nuvi 255 with no problem. I found it in my Favorites and was able to set the map to the location. You just can't, or I can't, search for it. Maybe someone else can offer more advice.
  • SergZak 240 Points
    edited July 2009
    As Tim said, try 7 for the street...

    Using nuvi 760 with City Navigator NA NT 2010.10 from my SoCal location:

    Where To?>Address>Spell State/Province (enter O N), select Ontario
    Spell City/Postal Code (enter M A R K H), select Markham, ON
    Enter House Number (enter 3 2 5 5), select Done
    Enter Street (enter 7), select Done
    Select Street (select 7)


    Is this what you're looking for?

    Ooops the address should be 3255 and NOT 3225 (as in the first screen shot).

    Regardless of the first flub, I still found it the same way on the nuvi 765 with City Navigator NA NT 2010.10

  • dhn 328 Points
    I know it has little relevance here since I have a TomTom. But, as it happens, I live about 10 minutes from the location stated. (TT finds it fine using 7 as the street).

    The location is really the address of Big Box stores. Might be interesting if the OP (or someone with a Garmin) tried to find as a poi Home Depot in Markham, or a Staples (it's like an Office Depot) or Chapters (like a Barnes & Noble).

    (and yes, Highway 7 E is the correct street)
  • Garmin has know about this issue for a long time. Some in the industry say it's a dispute with Navteo map maker, others say it's fix they will release before a quarter to boost their renewal service revenues to drive up profits.

    Buyers in Toronto, Ontario beware.... major issues with locating addresses along Hwy 7.
  • I just tried it with my 1350, using 7 as the street.
    Found it no problem.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    And easily found on my 1695. Staples is 1/10th mile from that address at 3175 according to the built-in poi's. Is that correct?
  • dhn 328 Points
    And easily found on my 1695. Staples is 1/10th mile from that address at 3175 according to the built-in poi's. Is that correct?
    Absolutely! :)

    One of my favourite places to waste money........... (It's like an Office Max in the States)
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Uh, we have Staples down here in the States as well. :) And whenever I buy something there, it's a waste of money. :lol:
  • Well if you have a 265WT and it's working, I'd love to know. I'd ask Garmin for a refund or replace since it means it's a lemon.

    Never assume each model line works the same.
  • jackpol 0 Points
    Garmin Nuvi:
    I tried to find out how to enter 820 East State Road 434 and and tried several versions but none of them were valid.
    So I snuck up on it by finding it on the map and putting a pencil there, whereupon it produced a house number and street name 820 SR-434 E which should be their version of the address but it doesn't work. It displays 820 SR-434 E but you can't enter it that way may be because we don't have a hyphen and no variation seems to work.
    Sometimes there is an alternate name for a piece of highway but I don't know one for this particular section. In Florida the house numbers are East or West relative to the Hamlet nearby.
    Garmin owes a fix for this, at least to furnish a glossary that we can use as a guide.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    For the street simply use 434.

    820 won't come up as a valid address, with only 8xxx and 9xxx addresses being offered. Along with dozens of 434's identified by zip. Not sure what to tell you on that one. Obviously a commercial address, correct? What's the business at that address?

    BTW, your nuvi does offer special characters for address. A dash is one of those.

    EDIT: Ok, there's a dentist and spice store there. And I can get there by using the POI (House of Spices) but not successful with direct address entry. I'll take a look at it again in a few hours.

    EDIT2: and I can get there by using the zip (32708)
  • jackpol 0 Points
    This is the address of refresh computers the zip code of 32750. Off course by poking the map and saving it with the name refresh I have two locations plotted.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    Thats odd then. A Google search for the address shows it's in Winter Springs with the zipcode I mentioned. Is there more than one "820 hwy 434E"?.
  • jackpol 0 Points
    Well, you're right, there is such an address in Winter Springs and it's address is 820 SR-434 (entered OK) and it's about a mile or two (2 inches!) East of the original one, which appears to be several blocks west of 1792 and the one you picked out several miles east.
    The refresh company should be concerned-I wanted to drive out there but it's not possible to enter their business card address 820 East SR 434, Longwood, FL 32750.
    I just blew $.25 on a phone call and she assured me that they were a couple blocks west of 1792, the first location I gave you. I tried to make understand that her address on the business card was not adequate but I don't think she put much stock in that.
  • CynicX 0 Points
    With a Nuvi if you are looking for a house from a highway/route/whatever # just use the number for the street.

    I have to do that on occasion. For example Pulaski Hwy in Harford Cty, MD is US 40. If someone tells me they live at ### Route 40 in Aberdeen MD when I get to street I just type 40 and it pops up. Then I'm good to go.

    Dont worry about typing Highway 7 or 7 Highway.

    I dont think this is an issue but if your Highway 7 has NO OTHER name then I could see it being confusing. When I did what I would usually do and what SergZak did I get the same point he did (except with a lot more map detail, thats by a creek, stream, river, dont know why this is, I have a 2350LMT)
  • I updated the latest map set, still had the same HWY 7 problem but using your suggestion to put in the number 7 for the street worked, thanks for the tip.
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