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CoolNavi 700 ??

I heard about this GPS through this forum:

It costs about $430 US and has the SIRF III chip.
Plays lots of stuff and appears to be a very good GPS.

It is a rebranded Korean made product just coming to the US...anyone have any info about it?? I am very interested to buy it but not jumping the gun yet.


  • daveyd 0 Points
    that GPS rocks. it is, by far, the best bang for your buck.
  • geek 0 Points
    The Coolnavi is a very impressive unit, I like it a lot.
    The only thing is that is missing the Bluetooth feature and the text to speech.

    Anyone else with this unit?
  • I have been using one for the last 6 months. I really like it, but the software that came with mine is different than the version shown on the CoolNavi USA site. For one thing I can not get it to show the current speed and gps position (Lat/Long). This is the basic feature that all other units that I have tried should and do depict. Anyone have any Ideas on this problem? I really need these 2 items in my line of work. Other than that the unit is very good and for the price makes it a real value.
  • geek 0 Points
    where did you buy yours and how much you paid for it?
    I think the unit does not have bluetooth, can you confirm?

    There are no retailers anywhere or at least in CT, so I can go and check..
    I sent them an email like a month ago and never got any replies....I wonder how good is their support...... :cry:
  • wing 0 Points
    is it missing text to speech?
  • Just heard about this device. Currently using a Navigon and pretty happy with it but I would consider this Coolnavi 700 if ...

    - vendor is good about providing firmware updates
    - good battery life
    - navigation/comm can be turned off, ie. airplane mode

    But I can't find info on the above. Can any owners comment on these items?
  • lao er 0 Points
    thx, I had looked through their website, but did not find the answers for the specific questions I was asking.

    I did find one review that indicated there was no battery, rechargeable or otherwise, ie. it has to be plugged in to be used.

    Assuming that's accurate, it negates my other question, re: airplane mode/airplane use.

    Hope that additional info helps anyone else considering this unit.
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