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Interesting take on GPS from the Brits......


  • sbukosky 91 Points
    It makes me wonder if someone is working on a land based navigation system. The map on a roll connected to the speedometer sounds similar to the Delco Caravelle interial guidance system, if I recall it right, used for transoceanic flights. Garmin used something similar and my TomTom has a version of it, but driving through a tunnel with turns in it showed it sucks. Really, do we need GPS for a good automotive navigation system?
  • mvl 191 Points
    The Honda Accord uses the wheels to cover for the GPS when in tunnels, and apparently a lot more often. The built-in GPS in the Honda must have really bad reception.

    If I'm in the snow and skid for 10 feet, the Honda stays off road for up to five minutes before figuring out where it is. Lots of limitations with land-based systems.
  • sbukosky 91 Points
    I can see that being a problem. I'm thinking more along the lines of transmitters, similar to aviation Vortac systems that allow an aircraft to find it's radial and distance from the transmitter. Triangulation between such stations would in effect be a ground based GPS. The good is that no space travel is needed for repairs and a combative country can't disable it. The bad is that many of them would be needed, but we did it with cell phones so why not navigation?
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