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Am I the only idiot in the world??

I have posted elsewhere this question and they talk to me like what I asking for is crazy. This is what I want,,
A GPS receiver for my Laptop running Vista, and great 3 D TOPO/OFF ROAD MAPS, on road maps would be nice too. I have been told that I can get a Garmin 10X gps and NRoute software, and it might work. Is there a company out there that has a good package to do this. I do not want to learn computer programing, electronic surgery, or satellite telemetry to run it, all I want to do is load the software, and GO!


  • Tim 1486 Points
    I have posted elsewhere this question and they talk to me like what I asking for is crazy.
    I didn't see that at all. You had responses from some of the most knowledgeable GPS users here. Without providing feedback to them about why their suggestions were unacceptable it is impossible to suggest anything else. Their suggestions matched what you described, IMHO.
  • Boyd 2010 Points
    You're not an idiot, but I suspect the problem is that very few people are using a PC for navigation. We made some suggestions in this thread:

    Also remember that the people on this forum are just users like yourself, so the responses you get will be limited to our personal experience.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Delorme just this week announced their own routable US road maps and a new Worldwide basemap. Part of their press announcement follows:

    The DeLorme North America Data Sets provide a routable US highway, street, back road, and trail network. Detail also includes land cover, drainage and open water, plus places of interest. It is compiled from a variety of sources and includes a digital elevation model to provide topographic detail and contours. The data has a positional accuracy of +/- 5 meters CE in areas where the majority of the US population resides. Street-level detail is also available from DeLorme for Canada and Mexico.

    DeLorme World Base Map data provides a seamless 1:250,000 view of the earth, combining accurate object placement and projection with a unique topographic visualization, complete with a digital elevation model for the entire earth. This data set offers a consistent level of detail and reliable horizontal accuracy of +/- 50 meters for all features worldwide.
  • GUSRENTIT 0 Points
    I'm sorry for not following up on the previous responses to my post. Let me tell you what I did find out from Garmin. They DO NOT have a trial version for mobile pc, actually Garmin has been very polite and LESS than helpful both on the phone and by Email, their basic response has been "Nope we don't have anything at this time" and "we don't know of anything", also they tell me that Mobile PC will not handle Topo maps.
    I just don't get it, I'm almost sure that ALL gps units run on software and a gps receiver, and like with my Etrex, if I want to go out on the boat I just load the right maps/charts and go, when I get back and I want to go 4 wheeling or hiking I just load my topo maps, so why can't I do that with a real computer and a gps receiver? I also found out that there is no way to display my Etrex's info "live" on my computer, lord all I want is a gps with a huge screen! Boyd, thank you, I'm looking into OziExplorer, I don't seem to understand the concept of "Making my own maps" I thought I could just go out and buy quality maps somewhere and load them up? Boy, I think this wish of mine to have a big gps is going to give me brain damage...
  • Tim 1486 Points
    You may find that the DeLorme software does what you want. It runs on a laptop, they have a GPS dongle, and you can get street mapping, topo maps, even marine charts though their $30/annual map subscription.
  • Boyd 2010 Points
    How about if we continue this discussion where it belongs?... in your original thread here:

    That way it may help someone else who wants a laptop-based solution. Your current thread title, "Am I the only idiot in the world??" would probably not attract any notice from such a person... :D
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