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Magellan Maestro 3200 SD Card error

jaharper08 0 Points
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So I just recently bought a 3200 and went to update to maps and POIs. Well of course both updates wont fit onto my GPS so I have to pick and choose. Well they both work (i have put them on seperately to test) perfectly when they are put on the GPS.

Now my SD card is a PNY 2GB, but whenever I put either the maps or POIs onto the SD card my GPS is unable to find them.

I have formatted the card and done everything I could possibly imagine but it still will not read my card, any suggestions?


  • patruns 10 Points
    I do not believe the 3200 was designed to work out of the box with either maps or POIs on the SD card. If you are using the updates meant for your unit, they should all fit on the internal memory. If not, I would ask Magellan why they do not.
  • caguyinmncaguyinmn 0 Points
    This is what you need to do in order for the maps and poi on the SD card is read correctly.

    -Put the every file including the newest US48.IMI and POI files onto storage card (MAPS directory)
    -Leave the .ds files in the unit's map directory.

    -Edited media.cfg with the following:

    # Basemap
    \SDMMC Card\MAP

    # Detailmap Map Data
    \SDMMC Card\MAP

    # POI Map Data
    \SDMMC Card\MAP

    # User Data

    # Sound files data

    # SD Card simulation directory
    \SDMMC Card

    # Speech files data

    -Disconnect GPS from computer

    -Hold power button on GPS for 15 seconds to power off

    -Disconnect SD card from computer, and insert into GPS

    -Power GPS back on

    -Go to Main Menu, Right arrow, User Options, Map Information

    This is what mine says:
    Geographic Area: USA
    Basemap NavStreets version: 31
    Detailed map NavStreets version: 31
  • patruns 10 Points
    If you read between the lines of my post, I was subtly inferring that perhaps the original poster was attempting to use a larger POI file made for a different unit which may or may not have been obtained legitimately. We do not condone that practice here, though there are plenty of sites that provide hacking info. 8)
  • caguyinmncaguyinmn 0 Points
    patruns, r u this site's patrolman? well, i won't be coming back here since it's restrictive of helping others. where's the link to un-register?
  • Tim 1466 Points
    patruns, r u this site's patrolman?
    He is one of the forum leaders here, yes.
    well, i won't be coming back here since it's restrictive of helping others.
    We don't have any restrictions against helping others. We don't however allow the site to be used as a tool to show people how to violate license agreements or steal maps.
    where's the link to un-register?
    No need, I'll "help" you and take care of that so you don't have to. ;)
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