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TomTom 740 Live vs Garmin 765T

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I went to Sam's Club yesterday and purchased a Tomtom 740 Live. This is my first GPS and I really didn't do any research. It was one of those spur of the moment purchases. I am electronic savvy so setting it up was no problem. After I got home I started looking through the reviews and decided a Garmin might be better for me so I purchased the 765T and decided to look at them both.

This is what I have found so far:

The Garmin map is much better than the TomTom at least outside of major cities in KY. The TomTom shows many roads (without names) that just don't exist and much of the detail is missing. Newer roads are listed on the Garmin but not the TomTom. Both have been updated with the newest maps.

The Garmin shows road names where the TomTom show route numbers. It would be nice if they showed both because sometimes it is easier to navigate by route number.

The screen on the Garmin is easier to read in bright sunlight hands down.

The Garmin sorts restaurant POI's by type (such as Asian, Mexican, etc) and the TomTom doesn't This is important to me if I want to find a particular kind of food.

The TomTom displays POI's on the map view. I really like this feature and spent all day trying to get the Garmin to do it only to read on these forums it can't. Why isn't Garmin doing this? I don't want to have to search at each exit along a route for POI's. I want them displayed.

The traffic, weather etc is a nice feature on the TomTom but not worth $10/month when you can get traffic free on the Garmin. Ten dollars a month is ridiculous for any feature. I can use my phone to get weather and google. This is where I see TomTom is way behind the Garmin. You can get lifetime subscriptions on the Garmin for map updates and traffic but they are not offered on the TomTom. So for a TomTom I'm going to be paying way more than a Garmin with the Lifetime update of maps and even upgrading traffic where there are no ads. This was why I bought the Garmin to begin with, I went to the TomTom site and found out all the fees.

The user interface is much more user friendly on the Garmin but it doesn't give you as many options.

I haven't tried the voice recognition feature in the car on the TomTom but that is why I purchased it. No retail store around here has the Garmin 885T with that same feature. That seems like a great feature but I haven't actually used it.

The TomTom doesn't automatically switch to night colors even though I have it set up to switch at dark. At 11pm the TomTom was still displaying day colors. The Garmin switches as it is supposed to do.

The TomTom shows some POI's on the map that aren't actually there. I haven't really looked at this but I am seeing a gas station in a residential subdivision. There is a gas station about 0.5 miles up the road and maybe that is what it is seeing.

TomTom offers a lot of additional POI's directly from their site that appear on the map view that with Garmin you have to download from a 3rd party and they don't appear on map view (as stated above) and you have to download icon files if you want the icon to appear. This is a major thing, why is Garmin not offering it? Maybe I am doing something wrong but even when I do download the 3rd party stuff I don't get addresses or phone numbers.

I haven't tried bluetooth on either one since my car is equipped with that.

Overall, I think the Garmin 765T wins hands down but I really really like the POI's displayed on the map view that only the TomTom does. Garmin needs to address this. I may keep both just for this issue. If you are traveling you need to see POI's in the map view.

I have tried to include everything I can think of. If anyone can tell me anything different I would appreciate it.


  • mvl 191 Points
    I own a Tomtom 720 and have researched a 740 thoroughly in anticipation of a purchase.

    What you mentioned is pretty much expected. In much of the country, Garmins map vendor (Navteq) is ahead of Tomtom in accuracy, for both roads and points of interest. And the Navteq cuisine finder is very helpful (although I can go to a phone to find that too). The 740's strength is in its traffic and directions system, but outside the 10 biggest cities in the country the added power of the Tomtom traffic probably doesn't help much.

    In the 10 biggest cities, the Tomtom traffic avoidance will definitely save more than $10/month in driver wages. For me, it's well worth it in traffic headache avoidance.

    One correction - the 740 adjusts day/night based on a light sensor, not a clock. I'm not sure if you tested it that way. If it doesn't work then the sensor is defective.
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