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Can I share info between two TomTom's? Like my favorites?

wcortesi 0 Points
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Just picked up another tomtom 130 from Amazon (for $50, refurb, but who care for that price!), and I'd like to know if I can share info between it and my old One 3rd edition.
I have a ton of favorites in my old one and would hate to have to put them all back in!


  • dhn 336 Points
    Not directly as the favourites are kept in a file called mapsettings.cfg kept in a specific map folder of a specific unit.

    Though both units will have the file, the code in one won't be interpreted in the other.


    Here is what may probably work: (All copy & paste using Explorer)

    1. Download from the program poi edit.

    2. Load the mapsettings.cfg file from the unit with all the data. You will see all your favourites listed as items in the file.

    3. Save each item as a point you are going to place in a custom poi category you are going to create called, say "_My_Favourites" (no quotes). The reason for the _ at the beginning is that its presence will cause the catory to 'float' to the top of the listing of poi categories.

    4. Once you have completed this new file, _My_Favourites.ov2, put this file (using Explorer) into both the map folder of the first unit and in the map folder of your old unit.

    5. The next task is to find a .bmp to reflect your new category rather than just the default red block. You can make your own (22x22 pixels in size)
    or here is a link to a site with a bunch of bmps for a ton of categories, you may find one to your liking.

    6. Once you create (or select) a .bmp, it MUST be named exactly the same as the ov2 file so that it'll appear. So, in my example above, the .bmp file would be _My_Favourites.bmp

    7. Now, this .bmp file also goes directly into the map folder (of both units).

    The beauty of this method is that when you update your map, you just copy this ov2 file (and bmp file) from the backed up old map folder to the new map folder.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    Not to be understated.... this part is big, and will save your behind. :)
    The beauty of this method is that when you update your map, you just copy this ov2 file (and bmp file) from the backed up old map folder to the new map folder.
  • wcortesi 0 Points
    Wow. Thanks for all the info!
    Although it's probably easier than it looks once you start doing it, it seems a little intimidating!
    Would the same hold true for other info, like voices?
    I know one thing, they could make it a little easier for someone who buys more than one of their product to update their new device! :idea:
  • dhn 336 Points
    There are many free voices available for both units right from the TomTom site.

    You're correct, once you get started, it isn't that big of a job. Much faster than having to continually put favourites in manually map after map ...
  • mvl 191 Points
    There's a chance that copying mapsettings.cfg over from one device to the other will work with copying favorites.

    Both the 130 and the 3rd edition have the same software versions, so there's less chance of incompatibility. Just make sure that after copying the software, open up HOME on the new device, and run the Operate my ONE emulator. In the emulator, add/rename a favorite, as this causes the mapsettings.cfg file to "stick" on the new device.

    I prefer favorites vs poi because they are easier to access on the menus. The downside is that they are less portable across Tomtom models.
  • dhn 336 Points
    I'm not sure but I think the same map is required, not just the application, to make sharing of the mapsettings.cfg file a feasability.
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