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Nüvi 200W: How to install updated maps in SD card?

Hi, I own a Nüvi 200W which came with City Navigator Europe NT 2008 maps installed (Italy & Greece).

I now bought the 2010 update DVD. When installing it, I would like to install the complete map of Europe, but the installer tells me I do not have enough memory on the device (this happens on Mac OS X, while the Windows XP version simply hides the larger map choices from the menu).

I have a spare 4GB microSD card; I put it in the device using an SD adapter and it is correctly seen by the computer as an additional removable drive, but the installer behaves the same, telling me that I do not have enough memory for the full maps.

Is it actually possible to install the full maps on my SD card using this device? If so, how should I proceed?

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