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Nuvi 660 touch screen not working

My touch screen started not working on the top left corner (zoom out) when driving. A little later none of the tough screen command worked.

I have loaded in latest software - no issue, reset - no issue, but when I try to get into the maintenance menu - I can't select "ok" due to the tough screen not working. :cry:

My Garmin is just over a year old and I will call support next week.

Has anyone else had an issue with their tough screen? Its almost like somewhere on the screen it is active all the time - interfeering with normal operation.

Any Ideas?

Thanks - TIM


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Can you get to the screen configuration page? System settings (wrench) -> Display -> Touch Screen - Recalibration.

    Did you clean your screen?

    You might try gently using a fine pointed toothpick (since it is relatively soft) and run it around the edges of the screen. You might break the toothpick in half to get an even finer point. (you may have to sacrifice several toothpick to get the needed thinner point) Possibly a piece of unseen "dirt" is stuck there and interfering with normal operation.
  • I'll check for dirt around the "edge" of the screen. Good idea. I used the air compressor around the edge with no luck. The area to get to the screen configuaration is a no go.

    I'ts monday so I can give Garmin a call today.

    I've been looking to see if others have this issue. I see that for around $75 I can have it reworked if it is the touch screen but a new (old) 660 is selling for $150 or so.

    Thanks - TIM
  • My warrrany was good till July 29th :D

    Garmin will replace mine with a refurbished one. I am one lucky guy.

  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Cool beans! 8) Most of us have the opposite luck - Screen goes out on the 29th and our warranty expired the 28th! :lol: Glad they were quick to acknowledge it was a major/bigger problem and replace. Usually Garmin is pretty good. I have never had any problems with getting service (nothing ever major in about 15 years of owning the) and they do go above and beyond many, many times.
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