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Chip for Japan Available For My Korean GPS?

Referee06 0 Points
I have a Hyundai F3-EK GPS unit that I bought when I was working in Korea. I have moved to Japan and would like to buy a GPS for Japan (that has the voice commands and fonts in English) but the only one that I found looks really cheap, is a little bit larger than a deck of cards and cost around $450. This unit is a GNV560-002.

I was wondering if I could buy a chip that has info on the roads in Japan (in English) that I could just install in my Korean GPS unit? Thanks for any and all help with this.


  • gatorguy 326 Points
    In general, maps are specific to pnd models. In other words, a map meant for a TomTom can't be installed to a Garmin as an example. That's pretty standard for most. So your best advice would be to call or email the device manufacturer and ask the same question.
  • Referee06 0 Points
    gatorguy, thanks for the reply. I'll e-mail the manufacturer of my Korean GPS.
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