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Motorway options

alfajerry 0 Points
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Hi Guys,
My 2150Max (and, I imagine, other Navigons) have three options in the 'Motorways' section: forbid, avoid, allow.
Where I live in the UK it would often give more sensible routing if a 'prefer' option was available.
I suppose there's no way to get this?


  • The only way that Navigon addresses this ( i believe) is in the "Fastest, Shortest, Optimum" route setting. I'm not sure what the difference is between Optimum and Fastest, but I'm sure it means something! :shock:
    (e.g. is Optimum for me the fastest? Or the easiest drive? Least lights?? Don't know the answer to this! Anyone?)
  • I think "allow" will give you the preferred option, which is where I keep it. I guess there is a slight difference between avoid and forbid.
  • Regrettably not.
    It really is just 'allow'.
    Where i live there are two main routes to London, one on motorways and one on smaller 'main' roads.
    No one in their right mind would take the smaller road route yet my Navigon will not route via the motorways at all.
  • Then choose the fastest route with motorways allowed.
  • It WILL NOT route via the motorway route, hence my original desire for a further 'prefer' option.
  • fine, just take the damn motorway and let it re-calculate. What is the town where you live?
  • Well..
    a) it would try to make me take the next turn off the motorway that connects to its previous route

    b) the point is to get the best route in the first place which a simple option of 'prefer motorways' would do.

    I can get it to do it by entering a load of waypoints on the motorway, but why don't Navigon make it easy?
    If they can give me allow/avoid/forbid what's so difficult about prefer?
  • Spyder63 331 Points

    Just curious - What is your Route Profile setting for

    1. of Route?

    2. Profile?

    3. Traffic Information?

    4. Only Streets?

  • Type of Route?

    Have tried all four.

    Speed Profile?

    Have tried all.

    Consider Traffic Information?

    Have tried both.

    Residential Only Streets?

    Not an option on my 2150 in the UK.

    If I go to Google Maps or Multimap and ask for a route it gives the correct motorway route. Michelin shows the wrong one, but with one tick in the favour motorways box it shows the right one.
    Easy when your programmers know what they're doing.

    As I say, a simple 'prefer motorways' option would do the trick.
    I mean, if they can give you the allow/avoid/forbid, why can't they do prefer?
    It's just a bit of code and re-weighting the parameters it uses.
    I emailed Nav support but no reply as usual.
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