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Goecaching app for iPhone?

caryrae 92 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Has anyone tried or know of a good geocaching app for the iPhone 3GS? I have seen one that had pretty good reviews for $10 but wondering how well it works in wooded areas and how accurate it is for getting you close to the cache?


  • Tim 1500 Points
    I suspect the one you are looking at is the official app that released. It is very slick... full cache details, road maps, terrain maps, being able to log, etc.

    The GPS accuracy is pretty good... I don't consider it quite as good as a traditional handheld, but it seems adequate for geocaching so long as you don't demand 3 meter accuracy.

    Due to the delicate hardware of the iPhone and the not absolutely fantastic accuracy I don't think any hard-core geocachers will drop their handheld and just use an iPhone. However the app is good enough that when I'm traveling and want to go bag a few quick caches it will do the trick.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    That must be the one (by Groundspeak inc). We used to go geocaching a bit when I had a handheld GPS but haven't one in a while and thought it may be worth the $10 to try. We go to alot of State Parks here in Minnesota for something cheap to do and thought it may be fun to start geocaching again but don't want to spend the money on a handheld gps just for doing it.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    Probably not a bad way to go then. (Yes, Groundspeak is the name of the company behind It doesn't match the performance of a handheld GPS, but it also doesn't match the price. :)
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    I don't do geocaching - never interested me. But from reading the forums I know that a lot of people actually use their Nuvi's for this with the GSAK application:

    So that's another option you might consider as well.
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