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Dealing with Magellan

Bill KunertBill Kunert 0 Points
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Is anybody else frustrated trying to deal with Magellan in so far as contacting anybody who has any idea what's going on? Anybody you talk to in service support has English as a second language and many have accents so thick they are very hard to understand. I'm trying to get a replacement for the defective DC charger they returned with my RMA'd 3100. After talking to support yesterday I used the email trouble form. Got answer back from them that they understood I wanted to have shipment of my AC adaptor expedited. To do so please call the toll free service number. This kind of support(?) will almost ensure my next GPS won't be Magellan. Are Garmin and Tom Tom this hard to deal with?


  • Tim 1481 Points
    While there are always exceptions, I've found Garmin and TomTom support much easier to deal with. I frequently have trouble with Magellan.
  • Yes when I called them to ask them info on the triton and maestro units they were hard to understand with the accent. I think this has to do with some corporate restructuring they just got acquires\d by shah capital partners and they messed things up a bit. That's why it is always best to go it your self and not rely on investors because you get pressures from them and if you must do it deal with it another way. Whatever you do do not call them about the traffic service. They tell you to call navteq and they give you the runaround. I called to ask them if they would ever have Raleigh, NC on the list of cities with the traffic service and they told me they do not pick cities and told me to call navteq, I emailed them and they told me to contact magellan! Ack! If they get enough requests for that city I hope they do it becuase Raleigh really needs it bad the traffic situation there is horrible and to top it off raleigh has the worst design of any city I lived in. Traffic is hell-a-cious!
  • patruns 10 Points
    Welcome to the world of out-sourcing. I have had this happen with Microsoft, Lufthansa, Magellan and countless others. I do not think you can fault Magellan solely. We have made it too easy for corporations to out-source outside the US. You can call Microsoft and get Apu who calls up his database for Microsoft, puts you on hold and answers someone else calling tech support for help with a problem they are having with a GE microwave. Mumbai is seeing a surge in their economy. Place your 401k in Indian companies now.

    Seriously, when you have a problem just ask the person to "escalate" you to the next level of support. Eventually, you will get to someone who can handle your problem.
  • Update on my problems with Magellan service support. After having no luck with service support I called Sales support last Thursday. Thought things went well. They generated a sales order to ship me a rplacement cigarette lighter charger and said I should call back on Tuesday(today) to get a tracking number. I called back today for the tracking number and they inform me the DC chargers are out of stock and they have no idea when they will be able to send me one. I'm about as angry as I have ever been with a company and there is no way I will ever buy another piece of Magellan equipment. They are well priced compared to Garmin but the cost is terrible customer service. If your Magellan never breaks you will be OK but if you ever need service, good luck. Mine has been out of service for nearly TWO months and I find that completely unacceptable. Buyer beware
  • Maybe someone should start a 3rd party support company that handles all GPS units! They also should have ties with the OEM hardware manufacturers and be able to supply parts and service the GPS units. That way you get the same consistant service from the same company. Since the people there service all brands they will not have the brand bias and will be better able to help you and they would not be under corporate control.
  • You're probably getting tired of this thread but now I have to aplogize to Magellan. I was on the internet this AM looking for a replacement for the backordered DC charger. The doorbell rang and there stands the Fed Ex guy with a package. It's the supposedly backordered charger. I'm extremely happy to have it but still feel something is wrong at Magellan. Obviously the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. At any rate I guess all's well that ends well.
  • maybe we should start a forum or something. maybe we can help them instead of flaming them. If they get alot of polite constructive criticism there way then they can improve their company. Magellan is prolly ignoring flamers . I just hope people from magellan read this site and register! I also hope they are in the process of revamping thier support as well.
  • This is my first post. I too am having trouble with Magellan customer service. My Maestro 3140 wouldn't keep a charge and kept going into sleep mode (I only had it 3 months). I sent it back for repair. They received it on October 9th and today, Nov 20, I still do not have it back. On Nov 6th, I was told it has been fixed and sent to UPS. I ask for a tracking number but no one seems to be able to get that. I call on 11-15, still nothing. I am told they will call or email me with tracking number but no one does.

    I called yesterday and got a rep who seemed sincere in that he would really try to figure out what is happening. He didn't call me back so I called today. Every time you call, you have to explain your situation over so it gets frustrating. So I tell another person who seemed sincere. I finally got a call back on answering machine today saying he gave me a new transaction number and I will get it in 7-10 days. I wanted to know more so I called later tonight and got a supervisor. I had to drag it out of her, but now I find out she doesn't know what happened to my GPS and they put in a sales order to send me a new or refurbished unit and I should get it in 3-5 days. And someone will call me in a couple days to let me know which and maybe a tracking number. Well, I'll believe it when it happens.
    I really don't want a used GPS. I will wait until Nov 28 to get it in the mail or I will be calling.

    Why did they tell me it was shipped on 11-6 when it wasn't! I blame first of all that the repair place is in Texas and the reps are in India. They can only read what is on computer screen. Yes, some are only telling you what they think you want to hear and have no intention of doing anything to help. Another problem is follow through--I'm sure someone probably did inform corporate office in California of my situation but they did not follow up on it to see if anything happened. They email corporate and feel they did their part.

    So I will never buy a Magellan again which is a shame because I liked my unit.
  • I purchased a 4250 a week ago and loved it. Magellans promotion was you could get 3 months free traffic service if you called AAA and got a code, then log onto their website and entered a code that came with the unit along with the one from AAA and you'd receive ANOTHER code to enter in the unit. Followed ALL instructions and entered 24 character code in unit and received a "Invalid Code Entered" error. Retried 20+ times with same error. Called customer service and spent 1 hour with rep who finally stated they didn't know why this was happening and someone would call me within several days, no calls. BUT better yet, the unit died the next day and would not power up. Returned to Best Buy where they happily exchanged it. Went through code process again and once again, got the dreaded "Invalid Code Entered" error. I sent a support message through their website 3 days ago and never received a reply. Today I called customer support (thinking that Bombay, India didn't have Thanksgiving off) and I just hung up the phone after being on hold/ignore for 1 hour 50 mins. I purchased this unit because I liked the AAA POI's and the Traffic Alerts. If you can't get the Traffic Alerts to work, what good is it !!! :?
  • I finally got my "new" Magellan 3140 today, Nov. 23. Please see my experience above. The repair center got my unit on Oct. 9th. After several calls, I finally found out that customer service didn't know what happened to my unit so they sent me a new one so I wouldn't have to wait any longer. It only took 1 1/2 months! If I had not called so many times I would still be waiting.

    It is a shame because I like the unit. Just god forbid, something happens to it and you need to get it repaired.

    So far, the new unit is working OK, but I just got it today. I hope nothing happens to it because I will not go through that again. I will buy another brand first, probably a Garmin.
  • I know that some of you are trying to give Magellan the benefit of the doubt and things... but you just don't understand.

    On SEPTEMBER 24th... Magellan received my GPS (#3000T) in for repair. This was the 2nd time that I had to send it in to them after it would freeze up on me at the startup screen. Both times I was traveling and had to rent a unit. (Can we say bitter?)

    So, I send them the unit in September... I am still waiting and it is November 30th now.

    I have been promised "7 more days" so many times and have been told "I am sorry" so many times that I am just sick of it.

    And... I am almost fluent in Indian now... just from calling Magellan.

    After a month of waiting and calling and being promised that it had been shipped... they finally said that it hadn't and told me that they would upgrade me to a #3140 unit... and that it would arrive in 4 days. Great! I was happy again.

    Well, my rejoicing was premature and it has been since November 2nd that I was promised the new unit. tick, tock, tick, tock.

    I have called them three times to find out where it is and they keep telling me that it is a computer error, someone put my info. in wrong, they didn't know why it hadn't gone out... but the end result is, I Don't Have It Yet!

    I really could care less if they speak really bad English... I just want the truth. And, I am not getting it. I am getting the run around.

    Someone mentioned to ask to "Escalate"... doesn't work. I asked them to do it and they told me they weren't allowed to do that. I said, "Just pretend to do it by handing the phone to the person next to you like every other company does"... she wouldn't even do that.

    And, what's up with Tech Support closing at 6 PM? It should be 24/7.

    I just wrote to the head of their Public Relations department and told him that I was going to tell my story on every blog or forum I could find until I had an answer that I could belive... and that included a tracking number.

    So... does anyone have a TomTomGo? I think that I will be trying them out next. I will NEVER buy a Magellan again.
  • nightsky,

    I know exactly how you feel. I got the run-around for a 1 1/2 months. I got lucky and received my "new" unit in the time that they promised me. I was having some trouble with it 2 days later, but it seems to be ok now.

    You will have to keep calling them, every day if you have to, until you get satisfaction. It's unfortunate, but they will get tired of you calling and complaining and then they will make sure a new unit is really sent to you. I really think you should file a complaint with Better Business Bureau. I will if I have any more problems. Here is the link:

    Hang in there.
  • Yesterday, just before posting my experiences here and on a few other forums... I looked up the corporate information for Magellan and found out who their PR person was. I wrote to him and explained all of the trouble that I was having and let him know that I would be visiting every forum that I could find and let my story be heard. I told him that I would be very honest, but that the truth of my experience would most definitely influence some customers buying decision as far as Magellan is concerned. I figured that a person who is trying to get good press for Magellan would be interested.

    I was correct. I have received three emails and two phone calls from him and he has been very nice. He has promised to send my new unit out today from the Los Angeles office.

    I think that many times, the "higher-ups" are too far away from what is happening on the front lines of their business and don't know some of the problems that are going on. They go from one marketing meeting to the next and from this business lunch to the next and never have time to listen to what is going on.

    I love my Magellan GPS. I have had to rent 2 or 3 units since I have been waiting for mine to be sent back to me and I can say that I love the Magellan more than the Garmin I have used. So, I hope they get their act together and get back to the basics of the customer being the boss... and taking care of us. If they do, I will continue to buy Magellan. If they don't, then I will look for another company that does... even if they have an inferior unit. An inferior GPS product is better than a Good one... if the inferior GPS company can keep it in your possession and functioning.

    I will report back when the GPS arrives and then again when and if it breaks down again... and the subsequent service I receive.

    My fingers are crossed!
  • One post stated they were continually getting the invalid code when enetering the subscription authorization. That happened the first time I tried. You actually have to have the spaces between the three code segments. Do not enter the entire code in one string. Where there appears to be a space, there actually is!

    I have a Roadmate 760, Maestro 4050 and the 4250. The 4050 is actually a better unit. Customer Service is in India or Phillipines. They have mis-informed and lied during many recent conversations. I tried to call someone in Corporate, but only get to India. They do not care. I will never buy another Magellan again, and will go with Gramin where they do talk to you in the US and do give accurate assistance.

    Someone mentioned a PR individual in Corporate HQ. Name and contact info will be most appreciated!
  • Someone mentioned a PR individual in Corporate HQ. Name and contact info will be most appreciated!

    Hey "SandyP"... I mentioned the PR guy in my posts. He took care of things very fast for me and told me that he was probably more upset with the things that were happening than I was. Maybe so... but I'll bet that it was more of a tie.

    I wrote to him today and asked if anyone had emailed him... and he told me that he had gotten quite a few emails. Hopefully he can help everyone like he did me.

    I can promise you that a week ago I was so ready to never ever hear the name Magellan again, even though I love the units. Now, after Raphel helped me out... I am happy to be back with them again.

    Here is his info...

    Raphel Finelli
    Senior Public Relations Manager
    Magellan GPS

    Go easy on him.... he is fielding a lot of calls and it isn't his job to do so. He is doing it because they are having problems with the real customer service. (I'm not really saying that to you.... but to anyone else who has problems and decides to write to him)

    Good luck!
  • Thanks nightsky. I really appreciate the info!

    Will send an E-Mail off tomorrow.

    Will post the results whe there is an update.
  • Thanks nightsky. I really appreciate the info!
    Will send an E-Mail off tomorrow.
    Will post the results whe there is an update.

    Good luck! I hope you have the same experience that I had.

    I am so glad that he was calm when he wrote back to me... because I was so ready to get into it with someone at Magellan. But, he just wrote back and asked for a little information, did some research and took charge. A GPS went out that same day. I hope that the suits at Magellan appreciate what he is doing.
  • I wrote your contact Nightsky and received an E-mail receipt as well as a E-Mail from the Manager Customer Support, apologizing for their lack of attention and misinformation given to me. The managewr asked what I recommended that would be good for both Magellan as well as myself. I responded and am waiting for a reply. I was very pleased to receive a response. It demonstrated that upper management is interested in customer observations. Now they have to get that message across to the individuals who answer the phone calls.

    Update to follow once there is resolution. In the meantime I continue to check out the Nuvi 760 and see if it is an acceptable unit. I might still return the Maestro 4250 for the Garmin.
  • Guys I don't know who ya been getting hold of, but it's not the right person.. I say get in touch with the people in CA... I talked to the VP Product Marketing first and the mins. later the Consumer Support Manager called and everything been lovely ever since....!
  • Bearman,

    That is who I finally got ahold us, thanks to Nightsky. I am in CA and every attempt to get to a person in their Corporate Office in Santa Clara ended up being transferred to their customer service people in India. I tried several times. Magellan does not make it easy to talk to a person in CA ... like other companies do. I sent a letter via USPS and once I got the E-Mail here on the list, I received a letter from the Manager Customer Support.

    Now I'll see what happens. I am definitely keeping their E-Mail address handy, until they are no longer working for Magellan, then it's back to ground zero!
  • Sandyp... Glad to hear that they got back to you and want to make you happy. They did me and I am a customer for life. Unless, of course, they don't fix the customer service before I need it again. :-)

    You mentioned turning in the 4250 for a Garmin. You may have more experience with Garmin than I do. I have just used them on two business trips (while my Magellan was in customer service Hell) and I hated it.

    I just got a 4250 and the more I get used to it the more I love it. That thing is amazing and it's pretty fun to talk to the thing and have it understand. Pretty amazing where these things are going.

    Good luck. I think that Magellan is aware now and I hope that they fix things down a few notches in their structural ladder.

    I wrote your contact Nightsky and received an E-mail receipt as well as a E-Mail from the Manager Customer Support, apologizing for their lack of attention and misinformation given to me. The managewr asked what I recommended that would be good for both Magellan as well as myself. I responded and am waiting for a reply. I was very pleased to receive a response. It demonstrated that upper management is interested in customer observations. Now they have to get that message across to the individuals who answer the phone calls.

    Update to follow once there is resolution. In the meantime I continue to check out the Nuvi 760 and see if it is an acceptable unit. I might still return the Maestro 4250 for the Garmin.
  • I've had horrible experiences with customer service. I had a Roadmate 3000T that kept freezing. I would send it back to Magellen, they would keep it for a month or so and send it back to me. I would plug it in and it would freeze. This happened five times. I contacted customer service looking for some satisfaction; I wanted them to replace the unit and they out and out refused. I finally broke down and replaced it myself.

    That's not the way to keep customers happy. In the end though I ended up with a maestro 4040. I guess I'm just a glutten for punishment.
  • Update: I responded to the Manager Customer Support last wekk, and, no response back! The person could be on vacation or just out of the office, but one would think there would be an auto-response from their E-Mail. So, an immedoate response to my first E-Mail, they resppnd, and then nothing.

    Back to square one!
  • I got a Magellan Roadmate 360 product as a very nice gift 2 years ago, this Christmas the power port got wonky so I emailed Magellan for information on where to take it for repair. I got an email back saying they no longer support this "older model" and that the best I can do is to try to trade it in for a refurb at a price. I called Customer service to see what the deal was, and I was on hold/transferred/on hold etc....after 20 min I decided I have no wish to provide this company with any more of my money. I realize that technology changes swiftly, but this is a minor repair and the thing was over $500 and is only 2 years old. I can get a computer repaired after 2years. They Really dislike to have to deal with customers and I would recommend you not purchase any products due to complete lack of support/customer care!
  • I had written Mr. Finelli previously( and he interceded and had Mr. Hanam Vuong, Manager Customer Support, contact me. My long-standing problem with Magellan Custoemr Service in India, was resolved in days. Mr. Vuong's E-Mail is

    I now deal directly with management and avoid contacting the customer service reps, until such time that they have the necerssary capabilities to deal with issues and have empowerment to act.

    I believe that efforts by Mr. Finelli and Mr. Vuong will eventually help fix the issues many of us have experienced trying to resolve customer support issues.
  • From my experience - emails plus telephone support. Magellan's technical support is very basic and they are they are not very good at reading and understanding English in either written or verbal communications.
  • Thanks for your info Nightsky !
    I sent an email to Mr Finelli today and we'll see how that goes. I never received a reply to my snail mail sent to Corporate Headquarters back the end of November. :roll:
  • SoTex 0 Points
    After a great deal of frustration regarding the repair of my new Maestro 4250, I emailed Mr. Finelli. After a couple of emails back and forth, I was contacted today by Magellan telling me that they're sending me a brand new unit via UPS.

    I never spoke with him, but he was instrumental in bypassing the CS blackhole in India to resolve the issue.
  • steveg 0 Points
    I will not bore any of you with my story, it is similar to what you see all over the net.

    Found Mr. Finelli back in December. All apologetic, said to email him, no response. Said to call him, when his voice mail is not full, and I was able to leave a message... still no response.

    Filed a BBB complaint... no response.

    I don't know what else to do??? If I lived in CA, I would take them to court... but I am not.

    I wonder if anyone has heard of a class-action lawsuit being filed?

    I am out almost $600, and HOURS of my time.

  • Sorry to hear you are having such trouble. I managed to get in touch with Mr. Finelli last week - he replied pretty quickly to my email. He's their only PR guy, and has been swamped with shows like CES, plus trying to help customers (I used to be in PR myself, and helping customers isn't technically part of the job, but you can tell he really cares about the customer experience and wants to do what he can). He mentioned they'd had some kind of problem with their voicemail system, so you might try again. My guess is you'll get a response, and he'll do what he can. At least, that was my experience and it seems to be the experience a lot of other folks have had. Doesn't fix the overall customer service issues, but if you can get your problem resolved, that's what you really care about, right? Good luck! :)
  • :evil: I've been reading these posts as my 3100 sits here, dead. I connected the UPS cble to the PC to attempt the upgrade, only to discover the upgrade was no longer available. Meanwhile, something happened to the files, because now instead of it finding a route, it gives me the blue screen of death and that annoying black bar. Last Tuesday I called Tech Support, got a nice woman who's English was understandable, and who promised to call me back within 48 hours with an RA number so I could send it back. Never happened. So tonight I called again. This guy, who's English was awful, couldn't find my file (why did I even bother to register this thing???) and I had to go through the whole scenario all over again. He did, however, manage to cough up an RA# so I can send the thing back. Meanwhile, however, I checked out a friend's Garmin Nuvi 200 and discovered the database is WAY better than mine. So I've ordered a Garmin Nuvi 360 since the Bluetooth will come in handy. When the 3100 comes back from the shop - whenever that is - I'll sell it to some unsuspecting person who doesn't read this forum. I should have read these posts BEFORE I bought the thing, but hindsight is always 20/20. :evil:
  • Bojo 0 Points
    I had similar frustrations dealing with Indian help desk. I called the presales number and got India! They couldn't answer my questions so I called their corporate HQ and got a human who was quite helpful. I told him of my Indian experience and he said they were well aware of the problem and are dealing with it.
  • I connected the UPS cble to the PC to attempt the upgrade, only to discover the upgrade was no longer available. Meanwhile, something happened to the files, because now instead of it finding a route, it gives me the blue screen of death and that annoying black bar.
    I am a little confused. You would not normally connect the unit to the PC until after you have downloaded the update. Your BSD is because the first thing the update does is wipe out the system files from the unit. Did you back anything up?
  • Arcee 0 Points
    My Maestro 3250 failed a couple of weeks ago after a total of 32 days of use. I contacted customer service and, to my surprise, was issued an RA number in a matter of minutes. The zinger was when I was advised the turnaround time on my 3250 would be 5 WEEKS. That's longer than the thing worked from the time I got it!

    Anyway, on 2/15, I sent an email to Misters Vuong and Finelli in hopes they can speed up this process. No reply as yet but will advise the outcome.

    Thanks to those who went to the trouble of unearthing some names and email addresses. Hoping they will be of value.
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