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Garmin Forerunner 305 Software Update 2.50

Garmin has released a new software update for the Forerunner 305, version 2.50. Lots and lots to see in this update:

• Improved instantaneous pace reading to be smoother and more accurate.
• Improved high pace, low pace, workout step complete, time alert, and distance alert beeps.
• Decreased frequency of pace alerts during workouts to give user more opportunity to adjust before the next alert.
• Improved vertical speed and grade accuracy.
• Added feature to preview course map and course profile on the unit.
• Improved Auto Scroll to allow fast, medium, and slow speed scrolling.
• Added ability to update GPS firmware through WebUpdater.
• Added support for foot pod accessory (not yet available).
• Added quick selection of indoor mode (GPS off) by pressing and holding the mode button.
• Added display of house icon on menu bar when using device indoors with GPS off.
• Reduced extra calories added due to falsely detected elevation changes when running.
• Modified calorie calculations for going up and down hills when biking.
• Fixed problem where unit could lock up while displaying the map page during an activity.
• Fixed problem where calorie count could be wrong after a lockup.
• Fixed problem with repeatedly reporting On Course and Off Course on some Course tracks.
• Fixed problem where previous Course could still be active after new Course download.
• Fixed problem where Course could still be shown on the map after stopping the Course.
• Fixed problem where max heart rate for a Course could be displayed incorrectly.
• Fixed problem where track log would not display in history if the timer was started without a GPS fix.
• Fixed problem where today's scheduled workouts would not display if the local date was different than the UTC date.
• Fixed problem where time and distance alerts could sound repeatedly after turning the unit off and back on.
• Fixed problem where elevation data (such as total ascent and descent) could change while Auto Paused.
• Fixed problem where distance could double when using a speed/cadence sensor.
• Fixed problem where heart rate alarm could sound when heart rate monitor was not present.
• Fixed problem where invalid heart rate could be shown in Training Center.
• Updated translations
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