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Tom Tom for iPhone to cost ~ $170?



  • What would happen earlier (before jailbreaking) when you pressed the home button and launched Navigon while still talking on the phone?

  • They are un-bundling things. By the time all is said and done, the $170 price in the title of this thread may be about right. :roll:
    Meanwhile, Sygic has reduced their price to $39.99

    It is competing with Copilot on the low end.
  • Tim 1484 Points
    What would happen earlier (before jailbreaking) when you pressed the home button and launched Navigon while still talking on the phone?
    The app continues to work fine after you launch back into it. You can talk and be in nav at the same time.
  • The difference is, backgrounder allows me to leave the navigation app to run any other app... without the navigation app closing. It is simply "minimized" for lack of a better word. So when I launch back into Navigon I don't have to wait for the splash screen and all that. Also, while I'm changing songs for example, I'm still hearing navigation instructions.

    Its probably not worth the hassle of doing, but it does make the phone more friendly to navigation.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    I will also pass on the jailbreak thing (even though I am an old unix hacker dating back to the 1980's :) )

    I know a young guy right out of college who was working for us as an assistant, he was running all kinds of stuff on his jailbroken iPhone. He un-jailbroke it after awhile and said he was amazed at how much faster everything became - he hadn't realized what a performance hit he was taking with the jailbroken phone until he reverted.
  • Honestly, I've never found a reason to jailbreak till now with Navigation. Navigation is really the only application I don't want quitting when I go back to the iphone main menu.

    I think the problem people face with jailbreaking is they go nuts because they can. They install hundreds of tweaks and changes and soon the phone is running like a dog. The same symptom that plagues PC users who install way too much crap.

    You have to be responsible if you do it, but it certainly isn't necessary.

    So, other than Tim, has anyone tried the TomTom app? All things being equal (price mainly), would you pick the TomTom app or the Navigon?
  • Personally, I don't like having to reach out and press ANY buttons on any device attached to the windshield or the dashboard for the purpose of navigation, or phone calls. These have to be done NOW when the situation arises (a POI lookup at an exit or a turn, an incoming call ..)

    Music playback is slightly different, as one doesn't have a sense of urgency about the action.

    I would rather control everything semi-automatically (the apps get switched appropriately automatically, like with incoming phone calls and at the end of the call), or with a BT headphone or the wired headset that came with the 3Gs.

    This is why a cheap PND that can keep navigating while I use the BT or wired headset with remote to handle calls and music is nice.

    I don't want distractions that need immediate attention while driving. That is where the UI of such multi-purpose devices should try to improve themselves.
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