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Delphi Grundig NAV 100 its been the best so far...

Hello all, just joined up this group because I use sat nav every day.. I would be out of work without one!!

I am a long term tomtom user but now found something better!! because of my job I do 1000's of miles each month, so I use my sat navs more than the ordinary person. I was in Germany this summer and one of my colleagues recomended this thing, my tomtom was so frustrating during that particular trip so I bought a Grundig Nav 100 initially just to use in Germany but I was just won over by this little thing. so easy to use, never took me to the wrong place and the battery just lasts for ever..

Anyway, I am now just using the Nav100, its so addictive:) its a shame you can get this system in the UK. before this I was regularly using tomtom one xl and GO 910, GO 720 and a Garmin nuvi 200. By the way I’m not loaded or anything, these are all provided by the company I work for….


  • I agree with you, not only it is better than tomtom its better than anything currently on the market. I heard they have used the same technology used in the German army's navigation systems, that's why it has a 100% accuracy rate and its lighting fast. I still think they should bring the price down, I have seen it selling for up to 650 EUR on some websites!!! still seems to be very popular all over Europe. UK is always behind the rest of Europe, so I guess no one will even look for the NAV100 until it’s advertised everywhere.

    I've had mine for a little while now and it has been excellent. Couple unique things that I like about it is the Active sync with outlook express in Microsoft, it is so useful. The other is the fact that you can plan all your journeys without a satellite signal, that is just amazing.
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