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Good Price on a Bean Bag Mount

Spyder63 331 Points
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FWIW - AUG 12, 2009 -

Big Lots (US store) has a universal bean bag dash mount, NavGear Model 14023, for $10. Accepts suction cup mount. I haven't used it yet, but it looks OK.

For a picture see other post in Nuvi forum: NavGear BeanBag


  • as i stated in the other post - i have one and it works great. no slipping and hides easily. never used the original windshield mount and never will.
  • Spyder, thanks for the info. I had seen these months ago when I first started to research GPS units, but changed my mind recently when I stumbled across the i.Trek HDFMB available at Semsons. I ended up buying the open face (v.2) for my 7200T. (The price is comparable if you were to buy the NavGear online, but with this deal it jumps to double.) Since I just bought a 5100max demo from RS (for the FreshMaps), I decided I wanted a second mount since I was going to leave it in my work vehicle. After using the HDFMB for a week, I decided I needed to check out other mount options.

    I had received my HDFMB last week. When I first pulled it out of the box, I was very impressed with the look, it's small size, and the weight (1kg!). I attached the 7200T mount and took it for a spin. After a few days, however, I became slightly underwhelmed with it. Before receiving it, I had attached my 7200T to the windshield on a few occasions and noticed that it did not move at all, not while driving or while tapping the screen. I was naively expecting the same performance from the HDFMB. However, with the mount arm all the way forward (so it is as close as possible), and the HDFMB at the front edge of my dash (though not hanging over the edge at all), I found that the 7200T "lifts" slightly every time I tap the screen. This may be due to the fact that my dash slopes away from me, so I am putting upward pressure on the HDFMB. (This may also be because v.2 is open face and has less weight in front... I actually bought it instead of v.1 because I wanted the greater rear weight to counterbalance the 7200T since I knew it was going to hang over the front edge... while it is true that the balance point is just in front of the center of the disc, I may have made the wrong choice in that regard in light of this issue.) If your dash slopes toward you, you may not experience this phenomenon. I didn't know if this is an issue with all dash mounts, but from the reviews I read, I thought I was going to experience the same rocksteady performance I received from mounting on the windshield.

    So, after reading your post, I thought I would give the NavGear a shot. I swung by the local BL and picked one up. I stuck the 5100max mount on it and placed it on the dash next to my 7200T w/ the HDFMB. First thing I noticed is that it is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the HDFMB, but if it can do its job, this would not matter. The footprint is larger, too, so conventional wisdom would indicate that it would have a better grip. So, I took off on my "road test" (i.e., headed home).

    - First thing I noticed is that the NavGear lifted much more than the HDFMB when I tapped the screen (and since the 5100max has a more responsive screen, I find I don't tap it nearly as hard, so this is saying something). I am not sure of the weight, but when I picked it up inside the store, my first thought was it felt lighter than the HDFMB. Without a scale sensitive enough handy, I can not verify this. (I think I will use the postal scale at work on Monday, just to satisfy my curiosity.)
    - Second, when I drove across an umimproved railroad track, the NavGear allowed my 5100max to bounce dramtically (as compared to the HDFMB, which only allowed for a little quiver out of the 7200T).
    - Third, when I decided to make a hard left turn, the NavGear slid about 2 inches, whereas the HDFMB did not even budge. In fact, the HDFMB has never moved in the week I have used it, not even a millimeter.

    As you can imagine, the corner test was the dealbreaker. I did not have time to return to BL today, but first thing Monday, the NavGear is going back. (Well, after I check the weight, that is... after all, I am still curious!) I just can't chance my GPS sliding off the dash in a quick start, or rounding a sharp turn a little too fast. If you have bought the NavGear, and it works for you, glad to hear it. I was hoping it would work for me, however, it did not.

    It was a good experience, nonetheless, because a) now I never have to wonder how the NavGear performs (in my vehicle), and b) it reaffirms my belief that I made the right choice for me in purchasing the HDFMB. If you had asked me earlier in the week if I would recommend the HDFMB, I would have been a little hesitant. Now, I heartily endorse it. Just remember, you won't get the same performance as you would mounting directly to the windshield, but it is a close second, esp. since there are not many mounting options available to us Navigon owners. We have to settle for the "universal" options, most of which end up getting in the way of the power button, the power port, or the reset button. (Which reminds me... why the *heck* did Navigon design the 5100max cradle to cover the reset button??? I have to remove it on the occasions it freezes, which is a PITA to do while driving!)

    If you decide to go with the HDFMB, both versions are available from Semsons directly or through Amazon. If you prefer v.2, buy it straight from Semsons website, as the price is comparable to Amazon's, plus their "standard" shipping is USPS Priority Mail (I am not sure how it is shipped when "fullfilled by Amazon"... and I only mention v.2 since v.1 is oddly more expensive directly from Semsons). I am local (relatively speaking), so mine arrived the next morning! Plus, there is also a coupon code out there for Semsons website which gives you a little off (not much, but every penny counts these days!). BTW, they don't charge sales tax on shipping, unlike some other CA e-tailers... I won't mention names, but just because they are allowed to, doesn't mean they should. Am I right?

    BTW, I am not getting anything from i.Trek or Semsons for this glowing review, I am just passing on my experience to hopefully help out somebody else without them having to reinvent the wheel. If you are strapped for cash at the time, but still need a dash mount, you may want give the NavGear a try. If it works for you, great! If not, you may want to try the HDFMB.

  • I have a pair of Bracketron beanbags (UFM-100BL Nav-Mat) that I've been incredibly happy with.

    I use one for my 2000S, and the other one supports the much heavier Nokia 770 tablet I have running Maemo Mapper on a rather large Arkon VG935 Playstation Portable Windshield Mount.

    No issues at all thufar.

    I paid too much for the first one at Target :), but the second one was $10.44 which I didn't think was too bad.

    Just another alternative to consider! :D

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