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just tried CoPilot Live 8 for Windows Mobile and it is good

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I saw in a blog post that ALK released CoPilot Live 8 for Windows Mobile. Beyond that, it didn't seem to get much press.

There is no demo, and frankly, when I looked at the feature set, I was skeptical that they could deliver it all. And when I saw the price of $35 (fixed - no reoccurring fee), it seemed too good to be true. But the price was low enough that I said "what the heck." If it stinks, I am only out $35. Since the ALK name is behind it, I figured it can't be that bad, and it can't be any worse than my experiences with TeleNav.

I have to tell you, this application is stunningly good. Now, I've only used it for 2 days. But, in two days, I find myself no longer caring much about the upcoming Garmin Nuvi 1690 connected PND. CoPilot Live 8 is THAT good.

There are a couple things that must be noted. CoPilot Live 8 has several "connected" features like Live Search (there is a decent POI set built in also) which searches the Internet for POI's and that functionality is not enabled yet. It is coming very soon according to their support staff. But it is included with the $35 price when it comes out.

A Weather Live service is active now, which gets your weather near your current location or any other location you specify. It basically works like a POI look-up, except you are looking up weather. This is included for the $35.

There is also a "location sharing" social app included in the $35 that is also live now. It shares your location with friends. I haven't tried it.

Live Traffic is an advertised feature. There is not yet a coverage map or a traffic supplier listed, however, it says that there is coverage throughout the US. I am hoping it is Inrix data. This is NOT part of the $35 and it is an undisclosed add-on fee. And it is not yet available. It is coming soon support says. This uses the phone's data connection and I am very excited to learn more about this feature.

Gas Prices is another Live service, though it also is not ready. Coming Soon. It sounds like they got the core app out (with Weather Live and Sharing Live) and the rest of the Live functionality is coming.

For the base $35, you don't get text to speech. It is an add-on. It is also coming soon. Same for a voice command module that lets you control the app with your voice.

There also appears to be several other add-ons, none of which are released yet, that will be add-ons.

After seeing all of this functionality that was "coming soon" I started to say "come on guys." But then I stopped to think that this app was only $35 as is, and for $35 it is incredibly good. The base features that are enabled now are very good and better than other smartphone apps.

For the $35, the app has, ready and functional:
1) A very good interface with most everything being able to be operated with your finger, even on my small Treo 800w screen.
2) Navteq maps. The maps are older than the 2Q Garmin updates, but not much older than that. No word on whether there will be quarterly map purchase options with this. They take 2GB on an SD card.
3) An extremely loud voice, either male or female. Louder than anything that I've ever heard from my 800w.
4) Routing style preferences including tolls, RV, walking, etc.
5) Day/Night map modes with auto switchover.
6) 3D and 2D display, including display of POI on map options.
7) Support for TomTom OV2 files, including proximity alerts and speed cameras.
8) Speed Limit warnings, with user defined thresholds.
9) Second Turn guidance.
10) Customizable turn warning distances.
11) Freeway road sign display
12) In-application trip planning with multi-point routes
13) Multiple point routing with auto optimizing
14) Detour by road segment and the ability to tell the app that detour is over.
15) The ability to import Google MyMaps in two steps (MyMaps to GPX, GPX to OV2).
16) The ability to pick what information is display on the routing screen.

The map can be moved around with your finger, in real time on the screen. You can click anywhere on the map and are shown the address. You can click anywhere on the screen and save that point to a favorite or route to that point.

This app is an incredible bargain at $35. Assuming the Text-2-Speech and traffic modules are respectable, this will replace my Garmin 885T.

When Sprint released the Touch Pro 2, I am upgrading my 800w and will then have a 3.6" screen to run this jewel on. I can't wait!
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