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Any of the iPhone options good for this situation?

Zorker 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
I currently have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and it works great. I would consider giving it to my wife and just using my iPhone so long as one of the apps works well for my needs.

My most common use for a GPS (not a daily user) is to find soccer fields. This can sometimes be an adventure as the names are often different between maps/gps vs the soccer schedule, parks can have multiple sections (sometimes spanning streets or even blocks), and all sorts of other things that make them interesting to find. The point is, it's often much easier for me to find them using, verify where the actual fields are using the satellite view, and then using the "Send to" feature to get it over to my Nuvi (plugged into a USB port).

Can I use this same type of "work flow" for any of the available iPhone apps? If not, is it easier to find things with the iPhone NAV maps than it is on a regular PND?

Any help would be appreciated. It's tough to get really get a good feel for what you can & can't do by the pictures & reviews alone. I wish they had free "lite" versions that either gave you 48 hours worth of use or possibly even let you map things out & use the features but wouldn't really engage the GPS functionality. Anything so that you could get the feel for how it can be used.
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