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Best Lane Assistance GPS?

redcard 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Hello Everyone ,

I need some help figuring out which GPS company has the best LANE ASSISTANCE technique ??

And by the best i mean it is available on all roads not only MAJOR ROADS !!

I've been to their websites ( Garmin , TomTom , Navigon ...etc ) but i cant find detailed infos about this feature ...

I was going to buy TomTom T930 ((because the other important feature for me is the RAM speed and TomTom has some nice 2048 MB chips )) but then i found some reviews on some websites suggesting that Lane assistance is only available on major roads .

So anyone of you guys can recommend a device that has :

1. Lane Assistance on all roads (( not only major roads ))
2. A fast RAM chip too.

Other features not important for me at all at this moment .

Any suggesions?

I would appreciate any info about the Lane assistance feature !!

Thanks in advance.


  • Tim 1466 Points
    There isn't any GPS that has lane assistance on all roads.
  • redcard 0 Points
    So all of current devices has only Major Roads lane assistance ? only ?

    Isn't this feature an important one ?

    and which lane assistance technique of ( Garmin , TomTom , navigon ) is the best ?

    and any advice about the RAM speed ?

  • Tim 1466 Points
    So all of current devices has only Major Roads lane assistance ? only ?
    Right. Some might have a few more of the major roads covered than another in a particular area, but many of them don't even have 100% of the major roads covered.
    Isn't this feature an important one ?
    It is nice to have-- but not critical. Without it the GPS will still show you the direction of the turn and how far ahead the turn is. While you won't know just how many lanes of a five lane road turn right if you are in thick traffic, you will still have advance warning of the turn and road signage (the physical kind) will still often show lane counts and direction.

    The Navigon devices typically show more lane assistance than the others, but they have also pulled out of the North American market. (I'm not sure where you are from.) Sweeden perhaps? I don't know what kind of lane assistant coverage is available there.
  • redcard 0 Points
    You are right ... It's different when it comes to coverage between the U.S and europe.

    But any advice on the processor speed thing?

    I don't want a GPS that tells me to turn right when it's too late to turn !!!

    This processor speed thing is the most important for me .

    Anyone ! Any advice !

    BTW Thanks Tim .. you have been of much help so far.
  • IMO TomTom has the best. 'Advanced Lane Guidance'.
  • dhn 328 Points
    Not in Canada.........where there is NONE! :evil:
  • mvl 191 Points
    The lane assistance coverage is a function of the map. I assume all Navteq devices will have similar lane assistance coverage. Tomtom and the few other Teleatlas devices will have their own lane assistance coverage.

    I haven't seen the progression of Navteq maps, but the latest maps on the N97 have lane assistance on most highways, and on major complicated city intersections.

    Tomtom started lane assistance a year ago and you could barely find a place where it showed up. They've improved dramatically each map release since. In my area (Boston), the May 09 map added lane assistance for almost all interstates. The August 09 map expanded Lane Assistance to commonly-used smaller state highways.

    I expect all American interstates are equally covered in all current maps/GPS devices. Navteq will have a lead in small city streets, but at the pace Tomtom is moving it will catch up in 6 months.
  • Like Tim says, lane guidance is not available from anyone for main roads, but the next best thing is having a "next turn arrow".

    That was my #1 gripe with older Nuvi units like my old Nuvi 760... without a next turn arrow, I never knew which lane to be in in thick traffic. However, if you have a next turn arrow and you see the next turn is right, you can make your way over as far right as possible... even without knowing the specific lane to be in.

    Navigon however is the best that is currently available as far as lane guidance. Hands down they show lane guidance many times more than any other vendor.
  • I was very happy with the lane guidance on my Maestro 4700 on a recent trip I took. Its pretty neat and very functional.

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