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FreshMap in Canada for $19.99

2120user 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi all,

you can buy NAVIGON FRESHMAP ACTIVATION SERVICE in The Source stores for $19.99 !!

Go and grab one!!


  • This is in store only, looks like no mail order. But still good that it is available somewhere in NA.
  • but quantities are really limited. If they gone they gone for good. This is the final clearance!!
  • ericmtl 0 Points
    Bought my freshmaps yesterday at $19.99. There were only two left in the store hidden in the backroom...
  • Have an activated one, activated yesterday after buying a 2120 Max and card, but decided to return the unit! I believe I can transfer it to someone else.
  • I would like to apologize to everyone who bought the FreshMaps subscription because of my post. If you have not bought it yet I would wait until Navigon releases buggs free Q3 2009 update. Otherwise, you better donate $19.99 to charity and get a tax credit.
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