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Could anyone help me with 2090s Activation problem

bamboofuture1 0 Points
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Hi there,

I bought my Navigon 2090s GPS that comes with 2-yr freshmap update.
However when I go to to activate the map service, it requires me to create an account with my email address, but keeps telling me "The e-mail address is invalid" no matter what email I used. I am currently in a deadlock and have no way to get registered.
Anyone has similar experience or solution to this issue? Tried to email Navigon but didn't hear back from them.



  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Have you registered your gps? Looks like Navigon is not allowing registration on the web site anymore. While your specific model is not listed try downloading the application Fresh and go register using that application.

    Note: Fresh and Fresh Maps are two entirely different entities.

    # Install NAVIGON Fresh on your computer if you have not already done so.
    (You can download the software from An exact description of how to install the software can be found here.)
    # Open NAVIGON Fresh.
    # Create a MyNAVIGON account if you don't already have one.
    (For this purpose click on MyNAVIGON account and follow the instructions on the display.)
    # Register your NAVIGON

    Dear customer, if you have bought one of our products listed below, please use NAVIGON Fresh to register it.

    NAVIGON 8110 | NAVIGON 7110 | NAVIGON 7100
    NAVIGON 5115 | NAVIGON 5110 | NAVIGON 5100
    NAVIGON 3110 | NAVIGON 3100
    NAVIGON 2110 | NAVIGON 2100
    NAVIGON 2150 max | NAVIGON 2110 max | NAVIGON 2100 max
    NAVIGON 1210 | NAVIGON 1200
    NAVIGON 2210 | NAVIGON 2200
    NAVIGON 7210
  • My problem is: The maps come with the device dated back to Q3_2008, so after I register a new account and install the "Navigon Fresh" program, I used the "download maps and services" feature to try to download the most recent maps (I believe it's Q2_2009). However the program simply said "there are no new maps" which is untrue. So I'm writing to ask what is the right procedure to download the most recent Freshmaps. Also I don't have anywhere I can input the Freshmaps activation code that comes with a card.
    Please let me know if you can help me to download the freshmaps using the activation card.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Here is what Navigon FAQ says.....are you seeing any of the links indicated when you are logged in to your account using Fresh?

    I bought NAVIGON FreshMaps. How do I register to start using it?
    To download the latest update availability, please register your GPS navigator at MyNAVIGON. This is required to download NAVIGON updates. Please follow these steps to register a product:

    ► Log in to MyNAVIGON
    ► Click on Product Registration
    ► Register your product
    ►You will now find a download link on the main page of your MyNAVIGON account and in the My Products section
  • Thanks for your reply. This is what I did:

    I logged into mynavigon account, go to "my products" and see my device listed as "NAVIGON 2000S/2090S", I then click "Freshmap Activate Now", and got to a page where I need to input "product ID" and "Activation Key". So now my problem is: I turned on my GPS--> go to service activation -->Product ID and input that into my computer. However, it keeps saying "Product ID is invalid" although I've doublechecked the product ID is error free.

    I attach the product ID for my 2090S GPS here: D3K1E-xxxxx-QZEPB. Could you help me to figure out if that's valid?
    Your help will be highly appreciated!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Are you certain the code listed is your gps product ID and not your Freshmaps activation code? That code format is very similar to my 7200t Freshmaps activation code. You need to edit your post and get that off your post.

    The number I believe is my product ID is 8 numbers only and preceded by P/N xxxxxxxx. Someone with a 2090s will have to chime in and verify that ID. Was/is the 2090s a model that is only sold by Radio Shack?
  • Yes indeed the 2090s is exactly the same as the 2000s except the Radio Shack version includes 2 years of free freshmaps update.
  • I just bought a Navigon 2090S at Radioshack a few days ago.

    EXACT same problem. :x

    I hope they reply to my email.

  • Same problem here, just bought one from Radio Shack and cannot get a response from Navigon.
  • jdebell email them everyday and number each one of them on the email you send . that what i did after the 3rd one someone answered dont give up .
    good luck.
  • SSDD, first post to flog this seemingly dead horse!

    As with the last few posts, I am getting the invalid product ID response when attempting to activate the freshmaps program I received with the 2090s radioshack version of the navigon 2000s.

    Anyone received email response from navigon on this?

    2nd question - assuming I will eventually get the freshmaps activated - will that allow me to download canada maps? If not, am I better off buying the q2 2009 full north america maps off ebay for $20 give or take?

    Either way I got the last demo unit from the shack for forty bucks plus tax so I won't complain too hard...but if the ebay option would work I will just go for it. thanks for responses in advance!
  • basu85 0 Points
    I bought a navigon 2090s GPS,came with 2 year freshmaps update card,the gps has q3 2008 maps in it. when i try to activate the product, i get the error message like the post above which keeps saying "Product ID is invalid"
    i have rechecked many time and also emailed navigon cust support.
    can some one help what do do?
    i have not received any reply from navigon
    any ideas on how to activate the product?
  • han526 0 Points
    When I tried to register, all the TFAT drive crashed. All the files are gone. The drive now shows as NAVIGON and only a few gpspara files. Can someone send me a backup system of your 2090s or 2000? Greatly appreciate it.
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