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My 5100 max is buggy

ubercool 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
My new 5100 max favorites and last lists are virtually impossible to scroll because the scroll-bar arrow icons do not react unless you push them 20+ times.

I also continue to have Bluetooth synching problems, so I guess I will have to return this unit due to non-performance. :cry:


  • OK, after testing it out in the field this weekend, here's what I found:

    1. The scroll list for My Destinations/Last Destinations works after 20-or so taps, making scrolling a massive chore.
    2. Bluetooth did not work with two different generations of iPhone, suggesting a problem that will not be fixed even by buying another Navigon unit.
    3. Recalculations were very fast.
    4. Reality view is great and a mandatory feature IMHO.
    5. Love the design and price.

    All in all a great unit if the minor bugs could be fixed with software updates, but unfortunately that will not happen, so I'm returning it today to TigerDirect and I'm going to buy a Garmin 775T.

    Hope that helps! :?
  • thats weird i went into my favorites and didnt have a problem scrolling thru .
    The bluetooth work on my nokia it just doesnt get all the addresses over but that ok never use it that much anyway seems kind of useless since i use a headset.
    sorry for the bad luck.

    by the way could you get the unit to completey shut off other the stand by
  • Yes, I saw that you had no problem with your Nokia. Could the German Navigon be rejecting American mobile phones? LOL! I figured the sticky scroll bar must have been a unique problem because no one else has reported this. Oh well, too bad. :(

    If you click the 5100max' power button it only goes to sleep. I could not shut it down, except reset it by pressing the Reset switch. But I don't think that was a hard reset either.
  • If you press and hold the power button then push in the reset you get a full shut down.
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