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Dead 7200t

chuckstr89134 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I love this unit, but i am getting ready to throw it out. It died in July while we were on vacation. I finally got it "repaired" after a lot of trouble and used it twice - it is dead again. I am almost certain that they sent me a refurbished unit because I remember checking the serial number when it came back and it was different, but I cannot find where I wrote the SN down now.

Symptoms are that the unit will charge but will not turn on. I have tried resetting with the reset button and the power button following their procedures.

I was wondering if anyone else ha had this problem and what they have been able to accomplish.




  • Did you ever get this resolved? I assume you dealt with Navigon post North America withdrawal, right?
  • I fixed it - I took it back to Costco - got my money refunded and bought a GArmin for $100 less that does everything that the navigon did and better
  • Yea, I did that too but the Garmin 775t sux compared to my 5100 max. That traffic antenna contraption is an embarrassment. So are the "free" traffic ads.

    I just won an auction for a new 7200t from eBay. I look forward to going back to Navigon. :)
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