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Navigon IFA 2009 Announcements

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Hamburg - SEP 3 At IFA, NAVIGON is showcasing its brand new, smart functions for its entry, high-end and premium models. European market ONLY.

A NAVIGON highlight at IFA is the launch of its Live Services, which benefit from a well-thought-out payment model. Both at home and abroad, users of the new Premium device, the NAVIGON 8450 Live and the new high-end model the NAVIGON 6350 Live, can access real-time information via the external NAVIGON Live Module in 321 countries across Europe, without incurring charges extra to the subscription fee2 . The Live Services include the latest traffic news (Traffic Live), positioning of mobile radar speed detectors (Mobile Safety Camera Live), information about available parking spaces (Clever Parking Live), the
weather forecast at any location as well as en route (Weather Live), and the option to search for an unlimited number of personal points of interest selected by the user, such as restaurants or businesses (Google Local Search).

Data is available at no cost for a period of three months; following this, the service will cost 79.95 euros for a one-year contract, and 139.95 euros for a two-year contract, which includes unlimited access abroad. Customer opting for the one or two-year contract within the first 30 days of initial use will pay a discounted fee of 59.95 euros or 104.95 euros respectively for subscription to the data - a 25 per cent discount. All NAVIGON Live modules are equipped with SIM cards from NAVIGON's strategic partner T-Mobile, this exempts users from avoid paying roaming charges or incurring any other costs whilst using the Live Services.

One of the main highlights of the new features is NAVIGON's new pedestrian navigation offering. Pedestrian navigation will be available in all new NAVIGON models launched at IFA.
New models are: Extra value at entry level: NAVIGON 1400 | 1410 and NAVIGON 2400 | 2410; NAVIGON 6310 | 6350 Live; Premium devices NAVIGON 8410 | 8450 Live.

You can read the entire press release here: IFA 2009


  • European Market ONLY, indeed.

    We're (NA market) still waiting for the now 2 months overdue Q3 2009 map updates.

    Technically, I love Navigon products;
    but personally, they're doing nothing to win friends over here.
  • Do you think they really care?
  • Probably not - but they should. After looking at some of the features of the new models on the Europian web site, I would think there would be a big market for them here in the US.
  • Their problem in the US was three-fold: Poor name recognition, limited distribution channel and an overly complex/confusing user interface. I'd be surprised to see them re-enter the US pnd market.
  • AlexM555, you are right... and that is the point.

    I'm just curious to see how Navigon fares with it's new North American customers.

    They've chosen to solve the poor name recognition and limited distribution channel by going to Apples channels, and I can understand that from a business point of view.

    The future may be decided by their (in)famous "support".
    They flipped off the previous US customers and I wouldn't be surprised if that trend continued since the integrity portion of the business seems to be absent... what then do you do with a lot of ticked off Apple users who are accustomed to actual support?

    It seems that the only thing that will be helping the new North American customers, is that the iPhone platform is common to all markets, so NA will more or less inherit some fixes.
  • Navigon is certainly putting a lot of effort into the new Live feature. Possibly another nail in the Fresh Maps coffin.
    You can read a new announcement regarding live map/POI updates below.

    Real-time updates now also available for maps: NAVIGON announces Live Map Update Services
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