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DeLorme PN model differences (and clarification on memory)

I searched here and on DeLorme's website for a checklist comparison between the PN-30 and the PN-40, but didn't find one. Can any of you give me the rundown between the two? There does seem to be a memory difference, 500 MB on the PN-30 vs. 1 GB on the PN-40. Is that the only difference (except color)?

And speaking of memory, Amazon's price for the PN-40 is now under $300 which seems great. On their site, they state it comes with 1 GB internal memory. DeLorme's site shows the 'standard' PN-40 with 500 MB of internal memory. I think I've seen reference to the 1 GB on this site. I know the right answer is to verify with Amazon that their information is correct, but would the cheaper vendor really sell the unit with 500 MB more memory than the manufacturer?

Thanks, in advance.


  • Boyd 2002 Points
    From what I've seen, there are not many DeLorme users here. I suspect you will get a better response on DeLorme's forums:

    Also, have you seen the wiki?
  • Tim 1484 Points
    The 40 has a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass-- the 30 does not. Other than that the only difference is color. Back to my vacation. :)
  • Thanks gents! Just for starters, that comparison chart on the Wiki page is just what I was looking for--thanks Boyd.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    An application update made available today for the PN-30 and PN-40

    Release Notes

    Added support for forms created with XMap Forms in XMap 7. See XMap Forms for more information about forms.
    Added support for editing form data and re-classifying data. Forms must be created with edit permissions to edit/classify on the device.
    Added ability to work with GPX files on an SD card. Point layers can be sent to the PN-40, with or without an associated form, using XMap 7’s “Send to PN-Series Device” option. This places the layer, saved to a GPX file, on the SD card. When a GPX file is opened, its contents are transferred to the PN-40’s internal memory. Data can be edited and new points can be created. These changes can then be saved back to the SD card for merging into the originating layer in XMap 7.
    Added ability to copy a saved track to an SD card as a GPX file.
    GIS layers saved to the PN-40 from the Handheld Export tab now display as unique layers within Map Setup > Data Layering. This allows each GIS layer to be individually enabled or disabled.
    Added a Layer Details menu option to Data Layering. This allows you to determine the database and server from which each GIS layer originated.

    Available here:
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    The PN-40 is Amazon's Gold Box deal today. Just $199 until 1pm EST
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