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New Mio's for NA announced [Mio]

gatorguy 326 Points
This came as a surprise to me since I thought all new NA Mio releases would be under the Magellan flag. Apparently not. Mio has announced both the M300 and M400 for the US (previously advertised in Europe). Including maps for all 50 US States and Puerto Rico, both devices offer text-to-speech, lane guidance, and about 4 million POIs. M300 will have a 3.5″ screen and retail at $120 while the M400 will have a 4.3″ screen and cost $150. Both use the expected WinCE OS, and neither offers bluetooth. What do you expect for a pretty low price? They have a particularly short estimated battery use time of only 2 hours, but who runs their pnd on battery for any length of time anyway. The only place to find these in the US is Radio Shack AFAIK.

EDIT: Oh, and the maps are still from TeleAtlas. I wonder if IQR will ever show up on these?


  • Came across an interesting guess from one of the gps pundits. He surmises that these newly announced Mio Moov models are going to be a Black Friday blowout, perhaps as low as $70. We'll wait to see.
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