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Missing SD card - is there anything I can do?

socks_uk 0 Points
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I already own a Navigon 2100 max and I have just been given another Navigon but not only do I not have the SD card for it I don't know the model number.

I tried the SD card from the 2100 max in it but couldn't get it to come off the 'insert memory card' screen. Are the maps & whatever else is on the SD cards model specific? I was hoping to just back up my 2100 SD card and then buy a new SD card for the sat nav without one.

Any help would be apreciated as my daughter is itching to get her hands on the one we've been given. Thanks in advance.


  • I bought a new 4GB SD card recently so I could upgrade my 7210, just stuck the backup on it and away it went so it's not model specific or do you mean the new sat nav you have been given is a completely different model to the one you already have? If that's the case I would suspect the software on the card/backup is model specific? I could be wrong!
  • Could it be that the card on your existing unit is a Hi-speed SD and the new cardless unit can't read it? You may want to try copying the data onto a standard SD (2 Gig or less) card and see if that works?

    Just a thought...
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