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Mio Pocket - Looks nice but I got rid of it!

ThunderLizard 91 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I'm sure there are those that really like the extra things you can do with Mio Pocket, and the interface is definitely sexy, but it killed Terrain Maps on my 8100T and the big red X blocked the compass heading. For me, I only use my GPS as a GPS. Ive got a laptop and a Blackberry for the other stuff, so the extra functions weren't of any value to me.

So I took it off.

Now my unit works more quickly, and I'm not missing anything (kinda missed Terrain Maps in the mountains!) It was fun, for a season.


  • I have MioPocket on my 2000s and I'm thinking of not using it anymore either. It slows my GPS down and it freezes sometimes with the miopocket loaded. I love how I can play videos on it and some of the other extra things I get from it are nice. But, a lot of things on miopocket don't work for me either so I'm starting to think it's just not worth having especially if it messes with my GPS.
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