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Freshmaps connection problem

chucks1916 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi Folks, need a bit of help. I recently bought a navigon 2310t as Icracked the screen of my navigon 1200. WhenI try to connect the 2310 to navigon fresh, it tells me there is no mn software on the card!(Satnav still has all the daat on it, when I conect it to the usb it brings up the drive and tthe memory card in the navigon and the sat nav still works when being used as a navigation system) I wondered if there was a problem with my pc but I know it's not, as my navigon 1200 can still connect to freshmaps. Any ideas?




  • not sure but 2310 is europe model might not work on us fresh map. also could have been updated with other then software for nav 2310 so its not seen as navigon software
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