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Is this an extra Lifetime Traffic Activation Code?

takawira 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I just bought a 2120 max with Zagat, Freshmaps, and Lifetime Traffic cards. But when I tried to activate the traffic, the navigon website said my device comes with free lifetime traffic and all I needed to do was enter my device code and the whole thing works (after they sent me an activation code of course). So my question is, what is the reason behind the extra Traffic card I received (I haven't scratched it off yet)?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I don't have a good answer, but if traffic is working for you that little card may be worth its weight in gold around here. :lol:

    You could take a chance and scratch off the activation code and IF it is different than the one sent to you you may be able to sell it on the open market. Lot of people looking for one at a reasonable price.
  • I actually think I have an extra traffic card to sell because if traffic activation is similar to Zagat activation process, you first enter the code on the card then you get another code to enter into your device. Since 2120max came with traffic, they simply gave me the code to enter into my device without me having to give them the code from the card. So it must be an extra code that someone else can use. My traffic is working right now, so I should sell this.
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