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GPRS Modem Not Connecting to GSM Network


I have few vehicle trackers called pt300 from this company <<< go there to check the specs..

These devices use gsm technology to reach the gprs and gps system. You can set up the tracker via sms or via terminal.

because I am newbie I cant set up the tracker via terminal so I use sms. In order to setup de device, the device needs to connect into the GSM network. Then I made a call and I receive a sms from him and I can start sending commands to program it (id, apn, ip, time interval)...

Everything was working fine until the phone company did some changes. The trackers already set up didnt fail.. and they work fine.. but the new ones I am trying to set up arent connecting to the network.

Basically everytime I call the tracker, the tracker keeps ringing until it goes to voicemail. A few seconds later I receive a sms with the geo info. I reply with commands to activate it. But right now it appears to be is not connecting to the network.. so it sends to voicemail without ringing.

I called the phone company and they say everything is working fine. I used several trackers with the same sim card and is the same. Is anyway to config the tracker so it connects to the port he needs to go into network?

Please help.. I am newbie and I getting very frustrated.
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