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convert a 500c to a 600c [Lowrance]

copster 0 Points
hello everyone. i was wondering, i have a iway 500c and i wanted to know if there is a wa to use it on the water. i know the 600c will work but is there and conversion you can program the unit to work? just a thought and would love some help with this. thank you all in advance.


  • Tim 1486 Points
    Not that I've heard of.
  • Jon_GWG 0 Points
    The ability to display Marine data on the 500c has been available since the 1.7.0 firmware update and the Q1-06 maps. If your unit is at least this level, you wouldn't need to 'upgrade' to a 600c.

    There are two many hardware differences between these two units to attempt an upgrade.
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