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Navigon 2000s Questions-Need Help

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Hello everyone,

I don't own a Navigon 2000s myself, but my wife uses her boss's sometimes when she travels for work. Anyways, it has some problems and I was hoping someone who was familiar with this unit could help.

The first problem according to my wife is that the unit has a good satellite lock, but when she turns it off like when she stops somewhere, when the unit is turned back on it will not get satellite reception again. It just keeps waiting and waiting for satellite lock, but it never regains reception.

The second problem is auto reroute. On my Garmin 1200, if I get off course or go a different way, it quickly recalculates a new route. The Navigon 2000s she is using does not do this at all. It just continually says to turn around and go back. Is this a menu setting, or does it not have an auto recalculate function?

Will updating the software help? Is there a reset procedure? I tried finding a reset procedure and information about auto recalculation in the manual, but couldn't find anything about either.



  • Is she turning it off by holding the button down for a while (actually shutting the unit off), or is she just briefly pressing the button to put the unit in standby mode? If she does the former, it will have to go through the entire process of getting a satellite lock again. In the latter case, it might not.

    Auto-recalculate is an option you have to enable, and I've found that it works quite well on my own 2000s unit. I don't have it with me today, but it's a simple on/off switch on one of the several settings pages.
  • Thanks for the reply. I don't know if she is turning it off using the power button, or if it is when it turns off when she turns off the car. I'll ask her and find out. I figured the auto route function was in a menu somewhere, I am just not familiar with Navigon, but there sure is alot of good things said about them.
  • I just looked through the menus on my unit, and I'm not seeing the setting I was remembering. However, mine has been quite good about automagically recalculating a route if I decide to take a different way or miss a turn.

    I have version 7.3.7 (build-437) of the software on my 2000S unit.

    Is the unit you have always failing to recalculate a route?
  • More thoughts. The fact that it's telling her to turn around means that it still thinks the previously calculated route is the most appropriate one, and if that is the case turning around might actually be a good idea.

    You may not be able to avoid that sort of recommendation from the GPS for a little while until it finds a better path given the criteria present in the unit's settings.

    The Route Profile settings let you select between Fast, Optimum, and Short, which might make a difference in the way it calculates routes.

    You can also tell it to Allow, Avoid, or Forbid highways, so if it's being insistent about routing her onto an interstate, changing this setting will cause it to route around such roads.

    If the touches the map screen, she can also set up a block to force detours and such, but that isn't very precise.

    Just some ideas.

    BTW, the setting I was remembering before is related to whether or not the 2000S autocalculates a route to the next waypoint on a multi-waypoint route. I think general route autorecalculation is always active.
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