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Iphone GPS pedestrian navigation with compass mode?

niccolo 0 Points
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Hi there, first post here so hello everybody!


always been interested in gps for hiking and trekking.
owned a garmin etrex, destroyed by a car..
now owning a nuvi 250 and a gps60csx.
I'm very happy with both of them and recently bought an iphone 3gs which could, I think, replace my nuvi for pedestrian navigation.
I very often travel abroad for work in different cities all the time and so I need a way to find my way around easily

What I'd need

I think that the already included google maps is great but I need my app to have maps already included, caching maps is not an option because often I do not have wifi access and I'd rather avoid very costly cellular data roaming fees.
my favourite feature of googlemaps, openmaps and offmap is the integration of the compass in the navigation, the device knows which way you are facing via the built in compass and this saves a lot of guesswork when trying to find your way around, direction guessing based on movement is too erratic for pedestrian navigation as we move too slow compared to cars..
As strange as it may seem neither tomtom, navigon, ndrive and copilot can use the compass to establish your heading.
to sum it up what I need is an app that has already some maps included AND can use the iphone's integrated compass for turning the map.

Is there some app I did miss? in this case I'd be very grateful if you could point me to it.

thanks a lot

niccolo gallio


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