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Bought Antenna on E-Bay

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The chineese markey seems to be very active. I tried to replace my broken antenna with one sold from Cina. It has the 4 pins(as described by Navagon), yet I get no voice and no traffic signal. I've tried using head phone wire and that didn't work either. I can only pick up traffic if I'm close to the city. I guess I'm f*****


  • traffic status is from the FM stations in your area that carry the traffic info in the area your are in traffic is not covered east to west north to south as there are a lot of areas the fm dose not reach you r unit
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    The original antenna worked where I live. We have a number of stations that give traffic reports. I still have two problems. One is that I get no signal, even when I'm headed towards town and two is that I get no voice info when the antenna is plugged in. It is a 4 pin jack that plugs in, but it doesn't work.
  • What system is this? Mine is 2200 max and the antenna is the power code (it's a mini-usb type connection). I have also noticed that with the 2200 max I get traffic updates either with the power code or with the PC USB connector. So if you can connect your Navigon to your PC, try using that cord in your car and see what happens.
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    I do have a USB chord that hooks the device to the computer. I have the 7100. I just bought the 2009 update maps from another Hong Kong company on E-bay. It took a while to figure out how to get the info from the CD to the device, but I got it. Now that works great! I still think it doesn't have enough POI's. This antenna problem is driving me nuts. I can't believe that it can't be made at an electronics store.
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