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Garmin 1300 Does not Boot

The Garmin 1300 is the GPS I have.

When I turn it on it does not even boot.

I get a splach screen and nothing else.

The support site does not talk about this.

I have reset the machine several times and it didn't help. Did it with power on. Did it with power off. It does not work.

What should I do?




  • Tim 1466 Points
    How old is the device? When was it last fully charged? What kind of a power source was it connected to?
  • Hello and thanks for getting back to me.

    I messed around with throughout yesterday.

    When the process started, I hadn't "recharged" the unit in the technical sense. It was just in the the car an had been plugged into the cigarette lighter power in the usual way for at least a couple hours. The unit was also on for that time. I was driving. So it was charging for all that time but was also being operated. In the weeks before that, the same situation pertained - unit in the car being used in the usual way.

    When I got home I tried to start it with the USB plugged in instead of the cigarette lighter and I got the same result that I described in the original post.

    After that effort, I read somewhere that you should let the battery die off completely and then try to start it from the dead battery using the USB. That's where I am now. Result is the same.

    As far as how old the unit is I would say about two months.


  • Tim 1466 Points
    When plugged into USB, it is supposed to only go to that splash screen. The device will be in USB Mode. It sounds like you just have a dead battery. I'd charge it in the car (unless you have an AC adapter).
  • Hello, and thanks for writing:

    Well the only thing is that when Garmin goes into USB mode (as you refer to it) the Garmin programs do not "see" the unit. So if you try to use any Garmin applications, they act as though you are not connected to the computer at all.

    And by the way, even if you are not connected to a USB cable the startup is the same, ie the unit stays stuck on the splash screen.

    Thanks again.

  • can someone tell me if nuvi garmins come with memory cards or do they work without memory cards. iam trying to buy one on ebay but sellers dont even know if it comes with it. how long can these last you. Is it worth getting the life time subscription. what is the life excpectancy on these.
  • alanb 419 Points
    The nuvi's have a built in data volume and a SD or micro-SD slot (depending on the model). They do not come with the SD memory card, but it is something you can buy "off the shelf" if you decide you need one. Unless you are planning to add a lot of MP3 music files or additional maps, you probably don't need a SD card.

    When you ask about "lifetime subscription" are you talking about a traffic subscription or map update subscription? Lifetime traffic may be "worth it" if you will be driving often in an area that receives a traffic signal. And lifetime map updates may be a good deal if you plan to keep your unit for a few years. You can't transfer a lifetime map update subscription to a new unit.

    As far as buying from e-bay, you need to be careful. Garmin may not honor e-Bay purchases for the nuMaps guarantee or warranty. My recommendation is to buy a new or refurb from an authorized Garmin reseller.
  • ok, thank you
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