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ok so im new to trying to unlock GPS's and such. well my moms boyfriend has a Navigon 2100 Max. i was trying to unlock it by copying the files into the SD folder but because the AutoRunec.exe or ce...whatever. wouldnt let me change the name of it because it was write protected. so i moved it to my desktop renamed it then moved it back. well the unlock didnt work and i just want my gps back to normal now. but when i put the memory card in the slot of my gps it says please insert the memory card when the card is in it.....i renamed the autorun to its orginal name and moved it back but apparently it didnt work. can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me .....if not im screwed. my email is if someone wants to email me or something. i just really need thank you so much in advance.


  • Is it the SD card that came with the Unit?? Because the SD that came with my unit did the same thing. So i just bought a 4gb SD card and downloaded the software from and my gps worked fine.
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