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all lowrancw gps's discontinued [Lowrance]

rook440 0 Points
I called lowrance yesterday to see if they could service my 2 year old Iway 500c ,the tech told me lowrance discontinued all of their automobile products and couldnt even get parts ,,,what a Bummer !!! I might as well thrown 600 dollars away ....Lowrance sucks and I hope they go Broke ....They don't care about their costomers ,so if your ar contemplating buying any of their other products just remember they do not have ant consumer loyalty so your money would be better spent with a company that does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I hate to hear this. I like my Lowrance and was planning on keeping it for many years. However, if there is no support for the iWays, then I guess the first time it goes belly-up, I am SOL.
  • burrall 180 Points
    It is a shame that they exited the automotive gps (turn-by-turn) business.
    Their acquisition by Navico was, I suspect, much of the reason. With Lowrance, Navico has the full range of top of the line marine equipment from pleasure boats to ships. That doesn't help those of us who feel that their high end, large screen, turn-by-turn units are better than any competitor has marketed. The automotive market became crowded with too many folks trying to market low end devices.

    I would be interested in finding where all of the Iway inventory and test equipment went. Maybe there is someone out there who could make money servicing the units that are in the field.

    Until then, I will buy used units to keep me going until I can find a suitable replacement.
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