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Mio Knight Rider Map Update / Default Voice for Street Names

Hello all. :D

I am a new GPS user, and purchased the Mio Knight Rider to get me introduced to the concept, while having some fun.

As such, I understand Mio provided a free map update if purchased before January or so of 2009, which I didn't do in time. I'm wondering, in terms of a map update, has there been one since? I have what I believe to be the most recent version of the Mio Desktop application but wondered if there has been a map update since. Also, the site is pretty pathetic (which includes their "store") and support has been dismal thus far (English doesn't appear to be a strength of their support staff).

If anyone has purchased (or obtained otherwise :wink: :wink:) a map update, I'd appreciate learning about that.


PS - Also, I read a review stating that the KITT voice does not say street names (which I have realized) however one of the default voices would. I cannot get that configured. The Mio support told me to restore the device, however I don't think I'd need to. I have the other voices loaded on it from what I can tell, so anyone who could provide some help on that would be VERY much appreciated as well.

PPS - It's GREAT to find this forum!


  • gatorguy 326 Points
    IIRC, Mio is being sued over that particular model by the company holding the Knight Rider marketing rights. It seems Mio arranged to purchase the "Kitt" voice from a 3rd party that held limited-use rights. After the fact, Mio didn't like the payments required and refused to pay anymore, after initially agreeing to the contract. So the updates for the model may be slow in coming, if at all.
  • That's GRRRRREAT! :roll: Thanks for the news.

    I guess if anyone has the most recent map (for North America - Canada more specifically), please let me know as I'd like to compare with the one I have. Much appreciated.
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