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Is there any place that i can buy zagat would love to have it


  • Umm... are you *sure* you'd love to have it?

    I bought that for my Navigon 2100 and frankly, it was a total waste of my money. Instead of giving me useful information, it typically just got in my way because it slowed the unit down, indexing the extra data ... and then resulted in too many categories to scroll through all the time. (EG. Instead of scrolling down to locate "restaurants" and then perhaps the type of food, you had a whole series of "Zagat restaurants" to go through on top of all the others. It didn't just seamlessly integrate with the existing categories.)

    Some of the data was just duplication of entries already in the Navigon by default, except the "Zagat" version of the same entry would give you a "rating" in number of stars for the place, and *sometimes* a little more info on it.

    They never seemed to update the Zagat info online either, so some of the entires in my city were places that aren't even open anymore, or moved to different locations.
  • thanks I thought that it would good feature to add to 5100 max so that when i go on trips I would have some type of info with me. it took a little time but i glad that you answered it thanks again
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