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Help! Formatted card on 2120max! can't d/l update!

nickhimself 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
At my topic suggests, I have accidentally formatted the SD card on my 2120 max. When I go to Navigons website to re-download the 1.2 update there are no links for an actual file download. It keeps saying that I should click on the image of my product below...but there are no images. I get to a page where it says I may need to download a file manager, but there are no physical links to the update itself, nor does it ever re-direct to a download page.

I have e-mailed Navigon twice over the past couple days. No response.

Please help!!


  • Version 1.2 is for 2120 not 2120max. If you want to download version for 2120max go to Navigon website->MyNavigon->Navigon FreshMaps. There you have to choices: Windows XP/Vista or other OS.
    I hope it helps.
  • my device doesn't have a freshmaps activated service. If one was supposed to come with the device, then I did not receive it. There were no stickers, no FreshMaps card with a code on it... nothing.

    I really need a restore file for this but Navigon still hasn't gotten back to me!
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