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Lowrance LMS problems [Lowrance]

Well about a month ago I came home from work, went to do some work on my boat removed cover and noticed my GPS depth finder LMS 334 at the console was on. Long story short it keeps turning on by its self. So I called Lowrance and they told me the power board was bad and would cost about 250.00 to fix. I just disconnected it. Now a month later my LMS 334 at the bow has powered on by its self . Just curious if any body else has ran into this problem? If so is there something on the power board that can be replaced? To have them fix them looks like it is going to cost 500.00. I know I had a ford that kept giving me a check engine light and ford wanted 180.00 for the board got on a Ford forum and was given the part # to buy at radio shack to repair the board and ended up fixing for under 5.00! Any other ideas?
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