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Just got the Google Navigation on my phone!

blackngoldrules 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I have the Andriod G1 phone, which of course is made by google, and google maps just got updated today! The update included the GPS navigation that has been talked about a lot since their announcement. It's just a beta version, but I tried it out today. It's not bad. I still have to download the text to speech function (my current SD card didn't have the room for it) so I'll let you know how that works. It's a very nice GPS considering that it's free. It's still not as good as Navigon though overall IMO. It doesn't have lane assist or the speedometer and altimeter that Navigon devices have. I do like the 3D street view though! Shows exact pictures of the streets you are on. I'm hoping Google will add features like lane assist and the speedometer and altimeter in the future. It doesn't have the speed limits either like Navigon does. Maybe that is something they would include with the speedometer. I have Android 1.6 and I heard that the 2.0 has more features than the 1.6 so maybe 2.0 has some of those things that I don't have. Anyway, I don't think I'm quite ready yet to ditch my Navigon in favor of this but I'm pretty close! If they would add those missing things that I mentioned that my Navigon would be on ebay very quickly. At least one thing about google is their maps are updated!!! Anyway, as of now, I'll stick with my 2000s a little while longer. But it's not that far ahead of the other!
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