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Navigon 2100 Update went very wrong

realace360 0 Points
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Hello Everyone,
I have a navigon 2100 and I decided to download the update 1.2 from the navigon website . I was careless enough not to do a back up and not bright enough to think the update will go smoothly but of course the update requires a card bigger than 2GB. 2GB Navigon SD card is what came with the 2100 when I bought it. I bought a 4GB SDHC Sandisk card and ran the update again. It will take about an hour to finish the update and when I start the Navigon, it gives me the error "Please insert a Memory Card" Its writing all the files because I looked inside the SD cards, all files are there.

I formatted the SD card in FAT32 before starting the update.

Right now I can use this as a heavy paper weight. I have no idea how to fix it because I tried all different ways possible.

If anyone had this trouble and resolved it or have a suggestion, I would like to hear your input. Thanks for reading. Everyone have a nice day.



  • man I am having the same kind of problem. I have a 2100 max and I formatted the card due to a fatal error. I also have a 7100 and with that unit all I do is format and install the update. The problem that I have is that the 2100 max needs a product ID# that was on the card before I formatted the card.

    The 7100 that got a message on it that the card was not big enough (odd because the card has 19337 mb and the update uses 19167 mb.) But I loaded the update to the 2 GB card and it would putt all of the update on there. From there I would then load the quarterly update and everything so far is running okay. I have read elsewhere in the forum that there is a problem with the recent Traffic function and that you may need to substitute an old dll file for the new one.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.
  • Any way to recover the product number? My GPS is completely useless right now. I do not know what to do.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Does the mounting circle on the back of the gps come off if you pry it a little with a small screwdriver? On the 7200 it does but there is an obvious slot which I don't see on this picture of the 2100. There is a serial number and product number under it on the 7200. Even so they may not be the number you need.

  • If you have or if you can download update in the mac version instead of windows version then extract the files to your card it will have a file called update me. once you unplug unit from computer the update runs and it will then copy info from nav to card with your product number.
  • Yes, I noticed the prompt to upgrade the card to 4gb using the "Fresh Utility". I happened to have a 4Gb card and after download process I to recived the message about card missng. However, after about five seconds progam did launch OK. I'm not sure about the card missing prompt but it does work all right.
    By the way your 2Gb card will work fine also. The file for the 3Q 2009 update is larger but it does not exceed 2Gb and at least on my system I have about 300Mb left. I copied the progrm to the 2Gb card and all works well except the Zagat Review Option is missing. It is missing on 4Gb card as well. If you have this option, any help there would be appreciated.
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