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Navigon 2410 keeps rebooting

markypoo 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hello All,

I bought a 2410 a few days ago. I plugged USB into the device and installed the fresh software. I was urged to upgrade to new version of Fresh (2.0.0.) which I did. I wanted to get latest maps and cancelled that because there was not enough memory. So i decided to remove some files from the device that i didn't need (audio and manuals in other languages then Dutch).

Then i wanted to get the latest map and all that fresh kept saying is that the latest maps were already installed on the device (not true beacuse i cancelled).

I have the device 2 days ago and it worked fine for an hour. Then i found a different link to upgrade the maps to Q4 2009 and that worked fine.

Now the 2410 won't start anymore. It keeps rebooting over and over :(

I tried to reset many times. I can access the device with Fresh software. I contact support of Navigon but wasn't impressed sofar (lets say this nice). What can be wrong? Is it possible to bring the device in the orginal state?

Any help is much appreciated,

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